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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo98765 View Post
    watever man. u always act like you know everything or stuff like that just like in the why ask 2 months b4 release thread. atleast i come like once a month. not like you. and i do know whats going on.
    Okay I’m going to take this step by step because I don’t think you do understand.

    First off no I do not think I know everything, because for one thing I’m always talking about how I don’t understand certain parts of the story.

    Secondly, with your first post.
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo98765 View Post
    they were never an item in the first place. they hardly ever go on a date and its shin's fault. shin was crazy. he was an evil sunnova......he killed his best friend too.
    Before I explain my post, I’d like to know why you think that Maya and Mitsoumi were never a couple, how it’s Shin’s fault he went crazy, how he killed his best friend, and who his best friend is.
    Alright, now to explain my first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv View Post
    What? So you're saying Shin killed Bunshinchi and Maya never went out with Mitsoumi...please rethink what you've typed. And if you remember, Shin only went crazy because he touched the Reiki. I think you've got a few screws loose. As a matter of fact, if you really believe that please read the whole thing over again, I have no clue how you came up with this gibberish. o_O
    When I said, “So you’re saying Shin killed Bunshinchi” I was saying that Bunshinchi was Shin’s best friend. Then I was proving that Shin was not crazy at first, but only until he touched Reiki for the first time.

    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv View Post
    Well, in both the manga and the anime, it said that Bunshinchi from the point when they first started at the school. Bunshinchi also considered Shin as his best friend even now. I don't see how Mitsoumi was his best friend when he hated him for going out with Maya and then wanted to kill him for taking Maya away from him. The only thing I saw him as to Shin was the next leader to the Katana club, and they were only real friends at the end and very beginning when we first see Shin's story told by Maya. So Mitsoumi being Shin's best friend is a definite no, I'm not sure why you think he was.

    Also, Reiki kept Shin under control years after he had been using for years, not when he was young. Remember how Maya was bragging to Shin that she was the new keeper of Reiki and then he wanted to touch it but Maya was told not to let anyone touch the sword? But then Maya let him hold it and it ended up with him going mad after touching for the first time and being imprisoned afterwards by his parent.
    This was were I explained why I believe Bunshinchi is/was Shin’s best friend and why Shin was not crazy from the beginning.

    Now when you said:
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo98765 View Post
    if shin killed bunshy, then why he is still alive?? also shin can go crazy without the reiki. go read the fight between mitsoumi and shin b4 he died. and shin was crazy too. see how aya and nagi didnt go crazy. shin was weak. atleast mitsoumi was fighting for not letting this thing happening again. maya was just there.......standing...coz now there's this war going on and blah blah blah now both sides just wanna end it with souhaku as the common enemy. b4 then, they hardly explain was maya was nothing.
    This once again did not make any since imo because of the reasons I stated many times before. So this is why I said I believe you do not know what you were talking about because it seemed like you were saying that I thought Shin killed Bunshinchi when obviously I already know he did not. And most certainly did not claim that Shin was not crazy even without the Reiki, I said that it is what caused his insanity to begin with.

    Mitsoumi did in fact fight Shin so that what Shin did would not happen again, but right before the fight started all Mitsoumi wanted to do was kill Shin because he thought he was an unfit leader, needed to be replaced by him, and because he wanted to test out how powerful he had become after what Shin did to him.

    Now, if you can give me an explanation about how you came up with all this, I’ll debate, but I’ll I’ve seen is one explanation for the many claims you made.

    Lastly, on the subject of the thread about the release of the next chapter. Ask any mod if it is okay to make a thread complaining about the release of a manga, and if they say that what he or she did was okay then I will never say anything again if that ever happens again, but if not then I have nothing else to say on that subject.

    I’ve already veered off the OT so for the sake of being on topic I say that I still agree with what Maya is doing.
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    watever man. u always give lame posts. blech.

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    my personal feel of the whole thing is mitsuomi is right but maya doesnt like the specific way hes going about it and wants it to be different (amazed she doesnt just voice her opinion and leave it)

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    ^ yeah, I kinda see it the same way. Mitsuomi doesn't really like hurting people, but he sees it as "killing a few for the survival of the others". Maya wants to le the Red Feathers live their lives as they want to.


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