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    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv View Post
    ^exactly my point
    and i would have answered it if said he/she never read it before but from what he/she wrote it seems he/she has the volumes to read, that person could have easily just looked through it again. which is exactly what i told the person to do. I still dont think it was necessary to make a thread about it.

    how do you know this is fact? do i know you? o_O

    now on the other hand, the person who said "You are so true, mayb that's because you are a dumbass" seems like the rude one to me. i simply told him to read it again and nothing else.

    if you dont even want to look at what i say, then why should i want to read what you have to say? what you're saying sound a lot rude compared what you said i was being rude for, and the thing is he/she is just being really lazy to flip through some pages, and last i remembered this forum doesnt like lazy people. heck ive posted stupid things before, had someone tell me that and i just learned from it. so why are you getting so angry? its... the internet...
    It doesn't amtter if I know you, you me and anyone else who has spent some time on a forum know that "this thread fails" is a catch phrase which has been around for ages, you did not come up with this, you know it so why argue the point, hmm?

    Stop reading and replying to my posts then (even if they are directed to you), that's all there is to it, right?

    I'm only coming off as rude to you, because I'm directing an equal amount so as to be combative to you, it's nice to know you've posted stupid things in the past (more like all the time), got flammed, and are now taking on the role of the flammer (bandwagon), however tactful it was; saying only, "this thread fails", is still a simply way of flamming the poster for being stupid enough to merit that recycled phrase.

    Seems to me you're the one getting worked up, well that be it for me, I'm about to take hour and a half drive to go visit my family and look for easter eggs in the backyard, and eat some bomb ass home made Korean food!

    Don't be an ass just because you've been an ass too, that's really weak.

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    ^that was...a rhetorical question...and id have to disagree, i find this quite hilarious actually.

    that phrase isnt something i learned in this forum, you know people use the phrase "you fail" or "this fails" outside of forums right? i was being truthful with no pun intended, so i dont see how im "joining the bandwagon." i told him to read it again which was the other thing i said, not just "this thread fails".

    so by admitting that i said something stupid before and learning from it im an ass? if you want to call me an ass go ahead, but i've gotta say, you sound more like one than i do right about now so yes, try not to get so worked up about this and go have fun on that easter egg hunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by event View Post
    To answer your question, well sorta...
    he had his eye gouged out and replaced with the eye of his father which retains... enough with spoiling...
    start at the Feudal Japan Arc. which is after chapter 88 or so. So much has happened though, you really should read where you left off.
    Thank you for answering the question. I do know that I need to re-read the series, just trying to make sense of a few things until I have the time to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by event View Post
    he (Souichirou) had his eye gouged out and replaced with the eye of his father which retains... enough with spoiling...
    Yes, that's what I gathered, too, although one thing has been bugging me about that -- human eyes can't be transplanted; too many problems with rejection and successfully reattaching the optic nerve. The closest thing that medical technology can accomplish right now is a cornea transplant, which leave most of the existing eyeball in place, including muscles and nerves.

    Of course, with some healing help from the Dragon Palm and some ancient Buddhist sorcery from Souichiro's scumbag, scheming, sociopathic father, and yeah! Maybe that would do it!


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