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    good explanation, it make me so interest to read this comic stories.
    but why in that stories one of the character must be in child age.

    OK let's read this comic.

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    Default Red Feathers and White Feathers.

    Red Feathers and White Feathers.

    Red Feathers: Kabane(N.B. Bane=Spring), Shyoujyou, Nagi, Natsume(N.B. Natsume=Summer eye or summer flower), Hotaru(N.B. Hotaru=Firefly) and Kago(N.B. Kago=Cage or basket).

    White Feathers: Ishyumi(N.B. Yumi=Bow), Kabuto,Wani(N.B. Wani=Crocodile), Mawari(N.B. Mawari=Space proportion or pure proportion), Tsumuji and Kagiroi.

    Kabane Myouun(N.B. Myouun=maybe Destruction) Hirohiko(N.B. Hiko=Grand-grand-son), Kabane Myouun Nui, Kabane Myouun(ancestor) and Jushi Mataza(N.B. Mata=Again) Tsumuji(who's mother's from the Shyukyou family a branch family of the Kabane Red Feather Family, N.B. Tsumuji=Power Union).

    Shyoujyou Tokuan Mitsuiro(N.B. Mitsu=Light,Iro=Love,Color or Sensuality), Shyoujyou Tokuan(ancestor, the guy in the middle with a hidden face from the 11 Takayanagi Generals in Feudal Japan) and Nagi Souichiro(who's in fact Shyoujyou Tokuan's son).

    Nagi Souichiro, Nagi Makiko(she possess all of the Red Feathers powers or Dragons, N.B. Maki=Book or some knowledge storage) and Nagi Ichiyō(ancestor).

    Natsume Kaima(father,N.B. Aima=Between), Natsume Shin(N.B. Shin=Truth or New), Natsume Maya, Natsume Aya, Natsume Aya(ancestor), Enmi Mouki and Enmi Enma(both from the Enmi family a branch family of the Natsume Red Feather Family).

    The old lady and in Feudal Japan the other woman besides Natsume from the 11 Takayanagi(N.B. Takayanagi=Willow quantity or wicker quantity) Generals.

    Kago Souhaku(Nagi Souichiro isn't his biological child, N.B. Souhaku=Lie origin or monk liar) and Mayutsubo Nokimi(from the Rikudou family a branch family of the Kago Red Feather Family, N.B. Nokimi=Gutter snake and her full name Mayutsubo no Kimi means "The Lady With The Cocoon Vase").

    Ishyumi Tessen(N.B. Tessen=Hand beam) and the guy in Feudal Japan with the bow from the 11 Takayanagi Generals.

    Kabuto Katsumi and Kabuto Koujinsai(ancestor, the old guy in Feudal Japan with a scare on his left eye from the 11 Takayanagi Generals also seen introducing Natsume Aya and Nagi Ichiyō).

    the old guy on the boat in Feudal Japan.

    Mawari Madoka(N.B. Madoka=Window mosquito) and the guy in Feudal Japan with two swords looking like a samouraï from the 11 Takayanagi Generals who's later killed by Kagiroi Tetsuhito when he attempted to slice off Kago Souhaku's head.

    Tsumuji Mataza Jushi, Tsumuji Mataza Yorihira(father, N.B. Yorihira=Coming from the heart) and Tsumuji Mataza Yorimasa(half-brother, N.B. Yorimasa=Coming from different pureness).

    Kagiroi Tetsuhito(N.B. Tetsuhito=Ironman) and the old guy in Feudal Japan with a gun in his right hand and a sword from the 11 Takayanagi Generals.

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    Default <<< i dont understand this drawing.. there's a heart with chains and pierced..

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    Tenjou Tengue is over with 136 chapters. It should be on the Complete Manga Series highlighted in blue.

    though I walk through the valley of the dead I shall fear no evil...

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    yes sadly it's over


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