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    Default .AVI to DVD Format (MPEG-2)

    There used to be a post asking questions about this, but I think it was deleted when this forum was revamped 'cause I can't find it; so after playing around for a while with my new programs I decided it was best to ask someone who knew how to convert from .AVI to DVD format first before messing up my laptop horribly.

    Anyways, I do believe it was mentioned before that the best program to use to convert from .AVI to DVD format (MPEG-2 was it?) is VirtualDub (or am I completely off-center on that guess?). I've downloaded that program, but I can't find where it does the conversions. Also, I recently bought an external DVD burner (my laptop only had an internal cd burner) and the Nero program came with it. So I also have Nero (which includes Nero Express, NeroVision Express, and Nero Recode).

    Anyways, I was wondering which program would be best to use for converting an .AVI video file to DVD format so that once I burn on DVD I could watch the episodes on my DVD player and how I would go about doing it? Step-by-step instructions would be preferable, but if you just give me a general idea on what to do I could always go try things on my own and ask questions later if there are any problems. On another note, it looks like Nero would convert to MPEG-4 format... is MPEG-4 similar to MPEG-2 or is it not DVD compatible? I did some research on the two formats, and for -4 it just says that the best use is for streaming media, cd distribution, videophone, and broadcast television, but it doesn't say anything about being able to watch on DVD. Finally, does either program allow me to add a menu screen to the DVD and chapters to the episodes? If not, that's okay. I basically only want to know how to convert, so I can burn and watch... any other tidbits or pointers would just be extra aesthetic charm to add on.

    Thank you for any and all help!
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    If you want to make menus, you're either going to pay for a commercial product or use a lot of separate utilities. If you want freeware to do that job, I'd start by looking at For a one-piece solution that allows menus, consider Nero Vision, included with the 'complete' packs of Nero 6 and 7. MPEG-4 is not usable on DVDs, it's a separate codec that most DVD players wouldn't understand.

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    A free program is available for this that is supposed to be really good for straight conversions. I never tried it, as like the previous poster mentioned, I have Nero. This is AVI2DVD and should do the job for you.

    Here is the tutorial with a link to download the program on it from (wonderful site).

    Give that a whirl. Only problem is it doesn't show how the menus are created, so you will have to find another tutorial for that (again, check or hope someone has some experience with it.


    Found another guide...

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    what you really need is the imtoo mpeg encoder, you can convert it to many files.... i recommend it..i have used it many times and you'll have a good quality output

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    You should use this to convert your files. It's what I used to convert my youtube videos, but this software will convert about any type of file in minutes too.




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