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    Default problem removing software

    when i try to remove the software, it always open the installshield wizard and ask if i really want to completely remove all the contents but when i click ok, it will say maintenance complete.
    anyone have this problem or knows how to remove this kind of things?

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    maybe u can try something like this?

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    what enviroment do you use and is the program a net program or system program some things carnt be removed fully once installed as it over laps and merges with fer programs and there for they wouldnt work any more ifer.

    If its one of them only waty to do it safely is to remove everythink and start again or if got win xp sorta thing restart the program to a saved area before you put the program in question on.

    Did you use add and remove programs in your win enviroment as that might work also or could go to doss and deltee it from there if no the path way that is.

    its hard to say anythink else as dont no your system or what enviroment or the program you are trying to remove or anythink about it so dont no mutch else could sugest to you.
    Hello (sorry about spelling mustakes)

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    The rule is to use the uninstaller provided to you first. So look in the start menu, and find the entry of the program. If there is an uninstaller, use that.

    If there is none provided, then you can use Windows. Go to Start, Control Pannel, Add/Remove Programs. Find the progrem on the list and click, the uninstall button. Sometimes it will give you options, like Repair, or Remove Leaving Settings, and Completely Remove. Choose what you need and tell it to go ahead.

    If that doesn't work, go the the program distributor's website, and look for an uninstall utility. Sometimes you just need this extra touch. Used one for a botched up Norton Anti-Virus, for example.

    If that still doesn't work, then you have to remove the files manually, the desktop shortcuts, the start menu shortcuts, and change any associations Windows has with the program. If your really good you can try to clean it out of the registry too, but you better know what you are doing for that. Recomend this last one for experts only.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!




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