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    Default Tools for scanlation

    I know this might make me sound like a total newbie but what tools do we need for scanlation purposes?

    Does a normal scanner works for scanlating mangas?
    How about translating the language and adding captions?
    How is the process being done?

    And also, subbing for animes. What special programs do we need and even for dubbing?

    Thank you.


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    For scanlation, here's what you need:

    1) An image editing program. MS Paint doesn't count. I suggest a combination of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 9.
    2) A translator. This means someone who is fluent in Japanese, not Babelfish.
    3) A proofreader. This means someone who can actually speak fluent English and who is good with grammar. A monkey with a keyboard doth not a proofreader make.
    4) A raw. You can get the raw (the original version of the manga) either online (try #lurk) or by scanning it yourself.

    No idea on fansubs.

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    I know a little bit about how the fansubbing works. Basicly, you should probably start by learning about video files. This means learn about container files (AVI, OGM, MKV), video codecs (Xvid, DivX, MPEG4 AVC or h.264), sub files (ASS, SRT... and a few others, not to good with the sub files), and audio files (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis will probably be all you need to learn for this).

    The important thing here is to learn about the pros and cons of the audio and video formats, as well as the sub formats (I suppose... never looked into them much, like I said). From there, you can decide how you want to do the encodes. Now that you know what you want to do, you can decide on a container file. Each container has limitations, with AVI having the most, and MKV having very few if any right now. The problem with this is that MKV and OGM require more from the end-user, whereas just about anyone can play an AVI file. So you kind of have to weight that in your mind.

    What I do know about subs (which seems to be the main part of your question) is that there are soft subs, and hard subs. The difference is that a soft sub is taken off a sub file within the container file and displayed with the video on the fly, whereas a hard sub is a sub file that is taken before hand and displayed on the fly during the encoding on the video, and they are added to the video file being created. This means that with hard subs, they are encoded right into the video... there is no removing them, or turning them off. They are there... for good. The first thing that you would think is that soft would be the way to go, but then we are again faced with the container issue, as (to my knowlege) AVI files can't handle subs in the container.

    Basicly there is a lot of option weighing involved, and you need to decide on a way to do things. Google such things as I have described to learn about them all first.

    Next step would be to find a program (or two, or three.... six?) to do these things. Google is, again, a nice help. However, the best site I found for learning how to do this stuff (with tutorials) is They have large lists of programs to do different things, as well as their price (some free... some 6 grand or so). Some really cool people in their forums if you get stuck as well.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and needless to say, your going to need a translator to write you a script of the production.


    Big whoopass subbing guide:
    Thanks a whole bunch to Loan_Shark. Bow to him as your saviour.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Wow... this is some really deep stuff. I'll try to get myself into some scanlation stuff and continue with my Japanese classes though it's gonna take me some time to master it, haha...

    Now, I won't take the scanlation and subbings for granted. EVER! And!





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