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    Default USB Minidrive Problems

    My father bought a 4gb SimpleTech minidrive for work. The home computer cannot seem to be able to show it anymore (it still detects it as a new device; I doubt it is a problem with the computer as my external harddrives still work); also before it stopped working my father complained about missing file directories.

    Another unexplanable side-effect: if the drive is plugged into the computer when its booting, then the computer wont start.

    I really need a solution that get the data off the drive; whats important is the data inside the drive rather than the drive itself, or I would have used the warranty.
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    Well, your unexplainable side effect is, in fact, very explainable.

    New computers (or old ones that have BIOS manufatures that update regularly) have a BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) setting in the CMOS setup (says press F2 or Ctrl+Esc or Del to access setup when you first start the computer, depending on the manufaturer of the BIOS) to allow you to boot off the USB drives. What is happening, is that the USB drive has a higher priority in the CMOS setup than the Hard Drive, so the computer is looking at the USB drive for system boot files (which there are none, hence the hanging of the boot process) before it looks at your hard drive for the system boot files.

    Luckily... this (the vanashing drive problem) seems to be a pretty common problem, because I couldn't come up with a way to fix this off the top of my head (kind of a simple answer, I was trying to think of a way to uninstall the drivers :P ). Sadly, there is no fix (which is total bullshit, but it is Windows), but there is a workaround. Rather than type it out, I am just going to give you the link.;en-us;297694

    That should get you your data back.

    As far as losing directories, and files. Once you get the drive accepted by explorer again, take all the data off, and put it into a temporary directory on your Hard Drive. Then right click on the removable drive, and choose to fromat it (or use any format utility that came with the drive itself, if there is one). This will erase any data that is on the drive, SO BE SURE TO GET THE DATA YOU WANT TO KEEP OFF OF THE DRIVE FIRST.

    After formating it, hopefully your data loss problems will disapear. If they don't, I'd send the PoS back and get my money back.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Ooh, the joys of messing around in the BIOS. Have fun!




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