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    Default Firefox Extension Search?

    I been using Maxthon for a while because I liked the features it came with right out of the installion but it's been really messed up lately so I decided to try out Firefox finally and I am trying to find the main feature I used with Maxthon which is URL Aliasing. Does anyone know any extensions like that for firefox? The only one I could find would not work with 1.5

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    While I am not exactly sure what you mean, I think what you want to do is be able to type a few leters into the URL bar and have it stand for the entire URL of the site you want to visit. In trying to figure out what you mean, I could only find that a lot of people have this complaint about Firefox, which is why I am sceptical as to whether the answer I will give you is the answer that you seek.

    I can do this in Firefox with the built in keyword feature, but the way that I do it may be more roundabout than you are used to (I never bothered with any of the IE frontends like Advent or the one you were using, so I don't know). What I do, is go to the site I want to be able to reach again (I will use this site as an example), and then I make a bookmark for the site (there are several ways to do this, Ctrl+D is standard, but I usually click the icon to the left of the URL and drag it to the bookmark bar and place it in the location that I want). Once that is done, I either place my mouse over the bookmark, or I go to Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks and deal with them from there. If I then right-click on the bookmark and select properties, I get a screen that allows me to change the name, URL, keyword, and description (which is for when you place your mouse over the bookmark) of it. For this site, it reads StopTazmo, , st, and then 'Stop Tazmo manga download and forums.'

    So what we look at is that the keyword is 'st'. Now, if I type st into the URL bar and hit enter, it is replaced by and loads up this page.

    If you are fine with how this works, but don't like the idea of seeing a lot of bookmarks in the bookmarks bar, you can go to the Manage Bookmarks tool and place them into organized folders, which will then act like dropdown menues on the Bookmarks bar. Also, you can just right click the top bar (the one that says File, Edit, etc.) and uncheck the Bookmarks bar to get rid of it alltogether, and just rely on your keywords.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!




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