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    Default backing up dvd movies on Double Layer

    Hey i got a couple of movies that are too scratched, i want to make backups, but want to know if the PS2 can playback DL dvds, it's version 4. i've heard that it'll work for the first half layer but not the second...

    Plus another poll for fun...

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    I have never heard of a problem with a DVD player (PS2 included) having problems with a Dual Layer DVD (I think this is called DVD-9, or something like that). Actually, a lot of the movies that you buy now, if you read the back packageing very carefully, are DL DVDs. I know I have a few, and I am almost certian that I have played them in my PS2 at one point or another. My PS2 is probably 2 versions back from the last one to be released before the slim model came out.

    Anyway, if you burn the DL DVDs in standard DVD format (MPEG2), then it should work. If you have a DL DVD-RW (I don't even know if they make these) you could probably burn one, try it, and then erase the RW and burn a standard R so as to not waste any. It should work fine though.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Dvd RWs are supposed to be less compatible with dvd players, i know the ps2 will play the store boughts, i want to know if it'll play the backups, because i know that my dvd/vcr combo won't play them (main player hooked up to the surround sound) havn't checked the other, but also most likely won't play them (it CAN play DVD-R and DVD-RW) don't know about DL, the playstation, by what i've found out, plays the first half of the double layer backups that you make, i want to make sure that it'll play them, before buying such expensive disks...

    the ones you buy in stores are also dvd-9 but made a special way (don't know what) to make them work...
    if you burn a dvd-9 with say nero, not the same...same on the computer with the dvd drive, but the dvd players of old aren't that advanced to handle these dvds, unless you got a brand new high tech dvd player...




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