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    Default making dvds out of downloaded anime?

    what software do use?

    are there any tutorials?


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    Depends. Do you want to just store the files on the DVD disk, or do you want them to play like normal DVDs?

    If its the latter, then it gets a wee bit tricky. Your basic DVD is in MPEG2 format, so when you burn the disk, the software must be able to convert the file to MPEG2 as its burning. I, personally, use Nero Vision Express to do this task. However, Nero can only convert from certian file formats. So, I had to convert the file from .ogm to .avi in order for Nero to use it.

    Converting video is a well documented task. I use VirtualDubMod along with the encoding codecs from the K-Lite Codec Pack. Here is a good conversion guide (this is for MKV to AVI, but it should work to learn VDubMod).

    Search around this site for other guides. There are a ton of them, including ones that are specific to programs (gordian knot, etc.). There are also links to downloading the conversions programs, as well as burning programs if you still need one (I haven't tried any, so I can't recommend any).

    Seriously, take a spin around for a while. It has some of the best information you will find on video and audio encoding and burning.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    if what you're trying to do is create dvds taht can be played on your dvd player, or in other words, dvds with vob files rather than avi, then i recommend DIKO.

    DIKO is a freeware prog that converts your video files from avi to svcd/sdvd format. The problem is, though, when you convert into dvd format, DIKO gives you separate audio and video files. I personally use ImagoMPEG-Muxer to join the two files together into a vob file.

    I've converted a few episodes of the anime Monster and the results are excellent. You can also expect to fit 10 to 12 episodes per disk this way. <- Get DIKO there

    Good luck with converting!

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    ooh that's good, I did it a very hard way with .mkv. I used xilisoft video converter to convert the .avi files to .vob and then used nero, but it took a very long time becaus I had to convert the files from .mkv to .avi. But I will try this program




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