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Thread: HD Problems

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    Default HD Problems

    Yesterday my computer started emitting high-pitched "eeing" noises; all I know was that my parents used the comp before me. Im guessing the harddrive is the culprit; I just need a second opinion before I go and get replacement parts.

    Yes, the sound is drive me nuts. It seems that when I have no windows open, there is no noise. But if I go beyond a certain window size the noise gradually starts coming back.

    EDIT: Oh, and the HD is a maxtor 120 gig.

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    Well, if you are going to go get replacement part, then you should have no fear of tearing your computer apart. While there is a very good chance that it is your hard drive, there is also a good chance that it is just a dirty fan as well. So rip the top/side off of that case and let see what we got.

    When you start the comp from a power down, the system runs a POST test. This will kick on the hard drive. So when you start the computer, listen for your noise. If you hear it, shut off the computer, and pull the power connector out of the hard disk. Start the computer again and listen for the noise. The HD has no power so it will not start. This should at least help with detumining if it is really the HD. It could just be the fan on the vid card speeding up to deal with more processor load or something. If you still can't tell for certian, run the computer with the top/side off and when you hear the noise, get close to the box and see if you can pinpoint the source of the sound. Just don't get hair or anything in there (fried MOBO = t3h BAD).

    Other than that, all I can think to do is get a bootable diagnostics disk and run HD tests. Look into 'The Ultamate Boot CD' (google it) and try poping that in. Running some of the HD tests should get the noise to appear if that is the cause. Good luck, and let me know if you have anymore questions.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Wow, I've dealt with hard drives for the last 7 yrs and I have never heard them make a high pitched noise., only the occasional clunk clunk sound. Most likely it's a case fan that's been screwing up. There's a probability it could be the heat sink fan but i doubt it. With your comp turned and the side panel removed do what you normally do and isolate each problem by disconnecting its molex connector. Or do what i do and stick a pen in the fans to stop them if you hear that sound again . If all else fails take Volv's advice. He's the man to go to for all your tech problems
    What would I know, I'm just a computer technician :P

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    Same as they said, I would run the computer with the case off and try to isolate the noise. If you gently put your finger on the drive you may be able to feel if its the source, if you put some pressure on it and it stops it may be lose in the mounting.




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