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    Default CD-ROM button required to boot up

    Okay, I got some trippy thing happenign with boot up on my computers. Its sporadic, as the last occasion hasn't happened in 11 months. Anyway here it is.

    Sometimes, I need to eject my CD-ROM tray to get it too boot up. It gets stuck in the BIOS screen (whish is a blue Dell symbol for me) unless I eject the tray. I remember having big problems with this comp before I realized that. Before I would leave the comp on for about 30-50 minutes and sometimes it would boot up during that period.

    Anyway, I'm just wondering what may cause it to suddenly boot up with the disk tray ejecting. And by ejecting, I mean just pushing the button, doesn't amatter if the tray is empty or not, nor does it matter if I push it back in. It starts up upon pushing the eject button.
    I used to think that that little power fluxuation was causing it, or maybe some data burst saying the tray was opening, that would cause the computer to complete its boot up precedure.

    Anyway, I'm confident, that within time, this problem with 'dsappear' and I'll be back to booting up hands free till the log-in screen.
    Any ideas on why it gets past BIOS only after hitting the button?

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    Something is either wrong with your CD-ROM (my guess) or the BIOS. Don't have a fix short of getting the latest bios and flashing it, or replacing the CD-ROM drive.

    I have a probable workaround though. Go into the BIOS and find the area where it talks about the order to boot. It will say something like floppy, CD-ROM, Hard Disk. You need to change the order and put Hard Disk before the CD-ROM. How to do this is different for every BIOS manufaturer amd for different dates of manufature. The instructions to opperate the setup is usually at the botom of the screen though.

    Give that a whirl.

    Ok, the basic problem is that the CD-ROM is spending too much time checking for a disk to boot off. It can't detumine that there is no disk there, so the system hangs. Forgot to explain that.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Yeah, thats last answer was the one I was looking for. I also totally forgot about BIOS boot order, I set it to floppy/HD/Cd quite a while ago.
    Anyway thansk fhr the help




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