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    Default ????Please Define

    Ok, so i can download stuff on my computer but I'am realy confused about what leaching("leecher" are) is! Please I do not what to do it, and if am, sry.


    o,ya I know "Mirrors" have somthing with downloading but how does this affect downloading!?

    bandwidth is like where you connect to download stuff!?

    Download Mangagers...well sound self explanatry but :/ is it the download thing that pops up???

    and here comes the big one(ones) the difference between Bittortorrent and IRC? (somthing w/ sofware?)

    Advanced Thanks !

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    I think I'm lost...


    yes, if someone could explain irc to me too, id love em forever! please help!

    (ugh, i sorry must sooo annoying, i just don't know anything)

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    Umm... with the exception of the leeching question (due to there being many definitions of leeching), all of these are really basic and could easily be googled for the answer. I'll answer the first to the best of my ability, and then half-ass the others. If you need more info on the others, then google them.

    Leeching: As far as this site is concerned, a leecher is anyone that is making a huge ammount of downloads in a small period of time (Keven had a post in the announcemnt a while back where there were 50,000 file requests from one computer in a six hour period). Others take it a bit farther, and consider anyone who downloads without giving something back (fourm participation or a donation) to be a leech. If we are talking about BitTorrent, then anyone downloading is a leecher, while anyone uploading (having already completed the downloading of the file and is ONLY uploading it, this will make sense after the BitTorrent explination) is a seeder. A leecher that does not upload as he downloads on a bittorrent network is spoken of with pure contempt (again, this will make sense latter).

    Mirror: Actually, I'm not really sure that Mirror is the right tearm for this site. Usually, a mirror is a server that posseses the same file(s) as another server. So if one server is down, the file is still available on the other one. Therefore, one server is a 'mirror' of another server. On this site though, Mirror is just a name for a file server. Some series are on this server, some are on that. Helps disperse the bandwidth.

    Bandwidth: OK. You run a server that others access off the internet. It costs money to send out the information to thoes people on the internet. Therefore, you have to limit how much (in Gigabytes usually) information you send out so that you don't rack up the costs too much. Bandwidth is a measure of how much data can be sent over a period of time (usually this means so many gigabytes a month). This concept is scalable though. For example, your USB drive can transfer 60 MB per second. This is your USB bandwidth. Your cable modem has a bandwidth, for example, of 4 MB per second download and 600 MB per second upload (half-assed numbers off the top of my head), which is the bandwidth of your internet connection. See how this works.

    Download Mangers: These are programs outside your web browser that allows for extra options, such as multiple connections to a server (so that you can download parts of a file at a constant speed as opposed to the whole file at the same speed as only one part of the file). Such programs are FlashGet, Free Download Manager, Curl, KGet, Downloader for X, and LeechGet.

    BitTorrent: When you request a file from a server, the server uploads the file to you, on its upload bandwidth, while you recieve the file, on your download bandwidth. If five people request the same file, the server uploads it five times. This kills the servers alloted bandwidth for the month/year. So BitTorrent was devised to solve this problem. What happens with BitTorrent is that if four people request a file, the server sends the file out in four parts, one to each computer. The four 'leechers' then take the parts of the file they are getting from the 'seeder' and begin to upload the parts to eachother, using their upload bandwidth. When all is said and done, each of the four have a complete file, and the server only sent out the file once (as far as bandwidth is concerned).

    IRC: Internet Relay Chat. Don't know much about this. I think it works kind of like BitTorrent. All the chatters connect to eachother and connect to a central server, making a big star network, or maybe its like a star and ring hybrid (look up star network and tolken ring network). It was for chatting with other people, but people now use it for both chatting, and sending files to eachother in a more secure fashion.

    Security on the internet is an illusion though. There is always someone more 1337 than you, and could be watching everything you are doing at any time... and they could be working for the FBI. You always take your chances, but some ways are less risky than others. BT and IRC are a on the 'less' side of the devider.

    Thats it... I'm done... piss off.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    I'm WAY too lazy to explain twice about downloading via IRC. So just read what I copy and pasted

    firstly, get an IRC host. go to or somewhere like that. download it! this is what you do after you got a host (like mIRC) and register. some commands that you oughta know:

    /join #____*insert channel here*____ fill in the blank with the channel you want to join.

    now, when you get into this's what you need to know:
    !rules--see what's you're allowed or not allowed to do. some servers hate it if you do something like @find or !list because it floods the place.
    @find ____*insert whatever file you're looking for here*__--it's like the channel's search engine. fill in the blank with what you're looking for.
    !list--see a list of all the bots and fservers.

    okay, so now after !list, you have a large list of stuff you have no idea what's going on...right?

    if they are bots read this:
    usually, there will be a url somewhere posted. right click it and press open in new window . yay, so now you'll get a huge website probably with a large selection. now, how do you get this stuff?? first, notice they are numbered from #1-some number. find the file you really want to download. look at it's number. than, go and type

    /msg ___*insert bot name*___ xdcc send ____*insert number here*___

    walla- you're done. enjoy!

    if they are fserve read this:
    connect with them by looking at the fserver's trigger words. type

    /ctcp __*insert trigger word here*___

    another channel should pop up. so, now explore this person's fserve! i'd type


    first. this will show you a list of everything folder the person is holding. if you're lucky and everything isn't in folders, you'll see stuff with file types you recognize, such as "bleach_49.avi" or something like that. than type get _____*insert file name here.*_____. enjoy!

    but if you're saying now...oh gees, nothing is my ".avi", ".ogm", ect. what do i do now? well simply you're looking at folders. type

    cd ___*insert folder's name here*____

    so now you're in somebody's subfolder. type dir to see the other folders in this subfolder. if you're lucky and everything isn't in folders, you'll see stuff with file types you recognize, such as "bleach_49.avi" or something like that. than type get _____*insert file name here.*_____. enjoy!

    if you're still unlucky, well your guy just gots a lot of folders. ^_^ just keep reating the process.

    now...what do you do? well, if you're lucky, there's no queues so you will be getting your folder automatically. if you're unlucky, than there's queues and you're going to be holding a slot in somebody's queue lines. to view your status (as in how many people are in front of you) type

    sends- will show you how long the people who are getting files will take.
    queues- will show you how many people are in front of you.

    if you forget every command i just said, you should at least know help. you can use that command in the fserve...and it'll list what each command does.

    this should be a good guide for you to follow.




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