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    Default can an OLD PC be a server ?

    hello, here is something I have been thinking about for a while but have not been able to figure out completely. ....

    ... I have a very old and low powered computer in my room, and I have a laptop and will be getting another extra (but very old) laptop soon. ...... The router and modem for our apartment is in the Living Room area but I have an extra router in my room which is connected to the router in the living room(router1) by a cable, and in turn my router(router2) also has cables going out of it to my PC and laptop.

    Is there any way I can turn my PC into a server so that every time I save my files on my laptop or PC, I dont have to go into the specific machine but can access them from any machine on my apartment?

    --I want to do this mostly for easy file-sharing between my machines as I do not want to lug around a Harddrive and connect and disconnect everytime.
    ---and would this be a web-server or do I still have to be connected via cable to the second router?
    My laptops OS is Vista
    PC OS is XP

    -thanks for help if anyone knows.
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    For really simple access within your apartment you can just share a folder on your PC. Right click on a folder, select properties, and look at the sharing tab. A couple of tutorials with pictures (YMMV, I just googled them):

    Try it and see if it works. It might not work immediately if you have firewall software running on the PC (quite likely)--you will have to allow some inbound connections through the firewall to get it working. Also, if router2 is really a router and not just a switch/hub (which would be preferable) it might have a firewall and it might not want to pass your network connections through--you would need to reconfigure it and/or move the network cable between router1 and router2 to the LAN ports of router2. If it's just a switch, then no problem there.

    Anyways, to answer your question, yes it is possible and you probably don't have to change very much to do it. Just try it and see. But make sure the firewall for router1 is on, and turn on WPA/WPA2 for any wireless router you might have, otherwise everything you share will be easily visible by your neighbors.

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    i think u can just share the folders to the network.. server is not needed in your case i think...




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