First of all, I've checked the steam forums and I can't find an answer, secondly I can't create a new thread on the steam forums, so I can't even ask a question.

Having said that, I am having a problem logging in to Steam offline mode.
Every time I try to use offline mode, I'm told that there is a problem with my internet connection or the Steam network (ironic isn't it).
I've tried reinstalling steam, but that didn't work.

The second problem is with Half life 2: episode 1 (I haven't tried it with the other games). When I cart my PC to an internet connection, just to log into steam so that I can play games, when I try to load HL2:Ep1 and start a new game, the game starts to load and then freezes, I can move the mouse I can even do stuff in the background (I can hear it), but the screen just stays black with the progress bar (Alt+Tab doesn't work). This means I have to restart my computer, shut it down, unplug it all, transport it to an internet connection, all for the 2 seconds it takes to log into steam (because offline mode doesn't work).
I've tried playing the game with an internet connection, I've tried reinstalling both Steam and the game.
Steam is fully updated. And I've tried installing steam from the disk and from a download.

Is it my computer, is it the copy of the game?