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    Default how to transfer dv cassette to hardisk

    i have this sony dcr trv8 dv camcorder, i like to transfer the videos to my pc. what are the devices i need? pls help

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    You want something that works or something that works well? There are solutions out there that will give you want you want, but the picture quality will be terrible and the sound will be off (especially with USB devices). Other solutions are pricier but will give you better audio and video quality.

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    How to transfer video to a computer using an i.LINK® connection (IEEE 1394).

    IMPORTANT: Video capture software and a compatible video capture card must be installed on the computer. Depending on the computer manufacturer, various video capture cards and software (Adobe® Premiere, Roxio® VideoWave®, Microsoft® Windows Movie Maker, etc.) may be available or already installed on your computer. If necessary, contact the manufacturer of your computer for further information.
    NOTE: Many Sony® VAIO® computers are bundled with Sony DVgate™ Motion or DVgate Plus software for video capturing. Some VAIO computers also include Click To DVD™ software that will allow video capture to the computer hard drive or directly to a DVD.
    1. Connect an i.LINK® cable (also known as IEEE 1394) [FIG. 1] to the i.LINK port [FIG. 2] on the digital camcorder.
    2. Connect the other end of the i.LINK® cable to the computer.NOTE: The computer i.LINK® ports and capture cards may have either 4-pin or 6-pin connections; Sony® digital camcorders use i.LINK® ports with 4 pins. If your computer only has a 6-pin i.LINK® port, then it will be necessary to use a 4-pin to 6-pin i.LINK® cable.
    3. Turn on the digital camcorder by moving the POWER switch to the VTR position.
    4. Cue the camcorder to the beginning of the video.
    5. Turn on the computer.
    6. Start the video capture software on the computer.
    7. Begin playing the recorded video in the camcorder.
    8. Begin importing the video with the capture software.NOTE: Because there are many different video capture applications on the market, Sony is unable to provide support or instructions for software we do not manufacture (third-party software). This is because we cannot reasonably know which video capture software you are using and we cannot speak for the manufacturers of third-party software applications. However, many video capture applications have detailed help files, including specific instructions about capturing and importing video from a camcorder to a computer. The help files should be available in the Help menu of the video capture software or in a separate file on the software disc. If you cannot find instructions in the help file or on the disc included with your software, consult the software manufacturer for more detailed support information.

    It should now be possible to copy the video using the video capture software if the computer hardware and software are configured correctly. However, if the video capture software is not recognizing the camcorder connection to the computer, troubleshooting is available.

    Fucking sony... that's straight off their site. They won't even give you software for it. Jeeze, even some cheap bastard software that goes straight to WMV or some shit would work. *huff*

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Well if you don't want to deal with that and if you have the extra money, you can use this, no computer needed.

    yeah another Sony product to drain all your money.




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