So one of the great things that was supposed to be in vista was Monad, a new highly scriptible commandline shell that was supposed to compete with the *nix shells like BASH. It was unfortunately dropped from the standard release (like a lot of things promised) and was instead slated as an addon, in addition to being provided to XP and S2003. It was renamed PowerShell released for XP and S2003 last November and for Vista at the end of January.

So yes, I'm quite a bit late on this, but I just got to downloading and checking it out. I didn't write any scripts for it, but rather just walked through it a bit. I can see GREAT potential in it. If you take take straight BASH, PowerShell can actually perform better as it is object oriented (in most enviornments, Python or Perl scripting run from BASH or ksh makes up for this).

Sadly it's based on .NET. This means all the commands are long as fuck, in what they call cmdlets. Half my command list is aliases. Copy or cp, for example, is of course aliases to copy files. The full cmdlet for this is Copy-Item. Of course you can still use cp, but it breaks the flow of the language if your writing an actual script with it (for the love of god, don't actually type all that out for just one command).

Although it's long, the language is amazingly uniform. All the switches use - now instead of - or / or whatever the hell. The structure is always 'Verb-Noun -switch' for the commands. So that really is quite nice... but... sooo long. I wonder if there is a IDE writer for this... I've worked with VB.NET and Java, and the saving grace is the Visual Studio IDE and Eclipse IDE (or netbeans I hear is amazing). They fill in half of the code for you as you go (type type type DownArrow Enter type type DownArrow Enter).

So yeah, I don't think I'll be porting any of my BASH scripts over, but it is quite impressive.

The only thing that really frightens me is that, if I read this right, this thing has a 'mode' that it can go into for screwing with registry entries. If that's true, then... well I'm just thinking of one of MS's famous little vunerability holes, and then a Administrative level script running within my computer, that fucks with my registry and flatlines the whole box. ^^;;

Anyway, that's my impression of it after playing with it for a few hours. I want to know others. Anyone find anything really cool they can do with this thing yet?
almost forgot the link if anyone wants to try it out.