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    Default DVDLab Pro could not read (actualy -- write) files...

    I've been making a downloaded anime into a DVD, when I faced this problem.

    Somewhy when I transcoded (by means of gui4ffmpeg) soundless .avi files into mpegs DVD Lab Pro still recognizes them as having both video and sound. It was no problem -- demuxing took less then a minute. Yet recently, DVDLab denied doing it. Error message stated that it can't read the new files. I blamed the encoder and found another one. This time files needed no demuxing. I was happy...
    Until I tried to shrink files slightly. DCT transcoder (part of DVDLad package) claimed that... it could not read would-be files!! Quite natural -- they do not exist yet))
    This is not life/death situation. I can spare one more blank DVD. Still -- I'm worried about the situation. Is it DVD Lab's quirk, or a sign of incoming trouble? Can this be resolved in some way?

    Thanks beforehand!!

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    It sounds like your making it too hard. Take the AVI, add your sound, then use AVI2DVD to make an image of the DVD. It's been a long time since I did any of this, but I know that it was not this hard, especially when they were avi files. I just slapped them into NeroVision and told it to go. The hard part was when it was in MKV, or OGM, and I had to re-encode the sound, and/or the video into something I could fit into AVI. I have a bunch of tools I used for this crap, and I found about 15 different ways to do it.

    Other things I used to use:
    ImgTool Classic
    MKV Magic

    Anyway, you shouldn't have to demux the AVI file into video and audio streams ahead of time. That's all automated now.

    In answer to your question... probably a permission or access problem. Try making source and destination different.

    Source: file.vob
    Shrunk destination: file2.vob

    If not, run scan disk on the drive. I don't know, that's weird sounding.

    Also, one tip... if you can, write the data to a DVD image on the hard disk, mount it with a virtual drive progam (alcohol 120 drives, Nero ImageDrive, Deamon tools -free ), and check it. If it's good, then use ImgBurn (the best image burner available... it's been proven and it's free) to write the image to the DVD. Save you a few coasters if your having trouble. Also, use quality media. I only buy first class media, which pretty much mean I'm buying Verbatum disks.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Thanks for your time!
    Will try the disk check on weekend.
    What is truly strange is that DVDlab tries to write some sort of mpeg (like demuxed or compressed video) there is trouble. Tried writing a file with non-default name -- no positive result.
    Everything else -- from subtitle tracks to final DVD image is written perfectly fine.

    Concerning DVD making.
    Stuff I work with now are OGM files -- so demuxing beforehand is kind of must.

    I've been doing all my DVD's with DVDLab. Maybe I could have found something easier to do but... Now I'm not sure I really want to try some other soft. Just force of habit.




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