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Thread: A good laptop

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    Default A good laptop

    I'm trying to decide on a new laptop, I don't need major HD memory or RAM. 40 gigs and 512 MB suit me just fine right now actually. My current issues is laptop overheat and battery life. My currently laptop hits temperatures of 60-65C when playing WoW or CS everytime. and the battery life on mine is just barely over an hour. I know the processor is the cause of the temperature and partially the cause of the battery life. Also due a low number of fan (yes only one overworked fan on my laptop) is another cause. So any ideas? the most annoying thing is the price for me right now. I'm not as picky about brands at this point.

    uhhh too much crap, ^_^ to sum it up I'm looking for a laptop with at least:

    512 MB
    40 gigs HD
    Long battery life
    Cool temperatures and low chance of overheat
    able to play World of Warcraft smothly

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    Many Acers have a good batterylife/price/specs ratio. I've bought several and have had no problems. Searching newegg will give you some good info.

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    Default asus z17v

    i have the ASUS z71v and i love it, i got it for 1450 after tax at a certified asus seller near me, i got 512 ddr2, the 1.6 dothan w/2mb cache(similar to 2.5 p4 by intel's specs), 40gb 5400rpm HD(supports ATA/SATA drives), i only got the dvd/crdom combo drive, but that was because of $ lacking issues, no biggie, but it would be nice to have and i do plan on upgrading at some point, also the video card is upgradable(nvida 6600 go) it has a widescreen that i didn't want but everything else over weighed that and i cant imagine not having it now(it is my first laptop, i took 2mnths to research which one i wanted, and this was the best buy i could find) Side Note: make sure its the V not the A model, big diff. Also the batterlife is very good, asus says 8hrs with 2nd battery and only playing mp3s, i believe it, i get almost 3hrs just letting it sit there on, with no power saving enabled, heat isn't a big issue, i've played WOW, FFXI , guild wars, L2, etc etc etc on it, they all play nice, also the built in speakers aren't too bad. but just research on all the sites that my best recomendation, but this is definately one to look into, also my personal recomendation, stay away from 64 CPUs, its going to take years for software to take advantage of it.

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    Contact your local hardware forum.. they'll help!
    Please Google it! before asking!

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