my ipod died a month ago... for the third fucking time... im completely fed up with it and im about to defenestrate it. but before i do so i want to get a new better one (well anything is better than an ipod).

this is what i want in it

30+ gigabytes
wma/mp3/mpeg/wave playback
video playback with DivX/MPeg-4/WMA and whatever filetype "Movie File" and "Video File" are...
less than 1" thick
around or bigger than a 4" screen
less than $400 USD (preferably around $300-$350)

ive looked at/considered these

Archos 504
Archos 604
Creative Zen Vision:M
Toshiba Gigabeat S << eh..

... and the Zune... but eh to that too..

reccomendations... anything?