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    Default Need help connecting case mic/headphone to mobo

    Here is my dilemma. My mobo's pin labels for mic and headphone does not match the case's connecter labels for mic and headphones. I want to be able to use both the case mic and headphone jacks. However, I can go with just being able to use the mic jack. I have tried emailing both the mobo and case manufactor 3 times the past month and neither of them has replied. Please help me!

    My mobo is the ASUS A8N-VM CSM/NBP Socket 939 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 Micro ATX AMD. The manual for it explains the mic and headphone pins as follow:
    Azalia-compliant pin definition:
    port1 L
    port1 R
    port2 R
    port2 L


    Legacy Ac'97-compliant pin definition:
    line out_R
    line out_L

    My case is the NZXT GUARDIAN and labels the mic and headphone connecters as follow:
    label of microphone plugs from case:

    label of headphone plugs from case:

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    First a disclaimer: Mucking around with your computer's innards could do bad things. If you're not comfortable doing what I describe (at your own risk), then ask an experienced friend to do it for you. That said, this isn't too hard if you've ever plugged in a hi-fi system before.

    For reference, there's a bit more info on what those individual signals do here:
    I'll refer to the pin numbers and names as given on that page since you didn't list the numbers in your description and numbers are necessary for clarity (it should be the same as your motherboard since it follows the standard).

    From your description, it sounds like your case does not have one of those standard connectors but rather individual connectors for each signal. That's fine, you first need to figure out which connector goes with which signal.

    ground --> pin 2 (AUD_GND/GND)
    mic-in --> pin 1 (MIC/PORT 1L)
    mic-power --> pin 3 (MIC_BIAS/PORT 1R)

    ground --> pin 2 (AUD_GND/GND)
    L-out --> pin 9 (FP_OUT_L/PORT 2L)
    R-out --> pin 5 (FP_OUT_R/PORT 2R)

    The grounds are the tricky part. Notice that I said both the microphone and the headphone should be connected to pin 2. You may be able to get away with connecting the headphone ground to pin 4, but probably not. So if you want to connect both microphone and headphone you'll probably need to somehow splice the two ground wires together so they both reach pin 2. Or perhaps you listed separate grounds for the microphone and headphone but they are actually the same?

    Good luck

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    Success! I only hooked up the mic because I did not want to take the time to fuse both ground together and since I already have a headphone jack from my speakers. Thank you so much, this problem has been bugging me for a good month. ASUS's tech support was no help either.




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