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    yeah i dont like fraps cause it only have a 30 sec recording time and the siex is like 300mb for a 30 sec video so can some one tell me a good recorder or a way to cut the memory in half so i can upload it on youtube?

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    I hope you know that the videos recorded by FRAPS is uncompressed. You are supposed to encode it yourself.
    Also, using a recorder than encodes on-the-fly will give you abysmal framerates in your game, which makes:
    • Your game totally unplayable.
    • The video become REALLY slow.

    From the FRAPS help file:
    Why is the AVI movie generated by Fraps so big? How can I reduce the size?

    The filesize is big because there isn’t enough time to encode the movie while the game is running. The movie frames are slightly compressed, but still require a large amount of disk space due to the high resolutions. Once you have finished capturing you should convert the saved AVI into one of the popular compressed movie formats such as mpeg or divx. Recommended programs for doing this are tmpgenc (Tsunami Mpeg Encoder), and VirtualDub.

    Using VirtualDub is quite easy. To create a compressed version of the AVI follow these steps:
    • Start VirtualDub
    • Select File->Open and choose the AVI in the Fraps directory you wish to compress.
    • Select Video->Compression and choose the codec you wish to compress with (usually divx)
    • Select File->Save As AVI and specify a filename for the new AVI.

    If you have Windows XP you can also use Windows Movie Maker to compress the video files. If you use Windows Movie Maker it's recommended that you keep your Fraps video files at 800x600 or under.
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    thanks jyuu in the select video it does not have the divx you are talking about
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    In my menu of VDub I do have the DivX compression option. You might be using a earlier version or something? Try looking for a more recent one.

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    I don't know about VDub, but I know the VDubMod installer doesn't put encoders on your system for you. Check Cold-NiTe's big list of codecs and grab one of them packages (I'd recomend CCCP or K-Lite) and make sure that when you install it, you select both the encoders and decoders for codecs you want (if you don't know, grab them all, or as many as you can without making the installer yell at you).

    thanks to Silverwmoon!




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