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    Default mp3 Converter

    right now i'm out of CDs to burn my anime and music on to, so i was wondering if anyone knows of a WMA or WAV to MP3 converter out there that is free with unlimited uses? i can probalby reduce my harddrive usage by 10% if i convert music files, that'll allow my to DL anime to hold off till i get some cash for CDs.

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    Hum... lots of software. I use whatever I have closest to my mouse at the time, as that feature is in several programs.

    If you want something free... off the top of my head, I would tell you to find and download VUPlayer. It is a audio only music player (does only audio, and that it how I like my players ^^ ) that has FreeDB lookup (fuck Gracenote) and audio conversion. You get that, and you should be able to convert to lots of things.

    However, it doesn't do MP3 right off. Legal shit prevents it. ><

    On their site... or maybe in their forums there is instructions to add LAME to it, soooo... give that a look at. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll help you look. I have the files and got it working fine on my computer with very little effort, but I can't remember exactly what I had to do.

    Anyway, give VUPlayer a try. It's nice, IMO. I use it as my music player of choice. If you don't want to use it as your player, don't forget to tell it not to associate any files with it during the Install (or maybe it was the setup after... don't remember anymore). Good luck and let me know if you hit snags.

    Also... one last thing. While going from WAV to MP3 is a MAJOR space saver, WMA to MP3 won't do shit. Going from a shitty format to a less shitty format won't do you any good. Both are lossy and compressed, so just leave them WMAs. The WAVs are full quality and lossless. I'd REALLY try to get some CDs and burn them at their full quality as long as you got it... if you really want to change though, try to keep the bit rate at least up to 192KB/s to keep as much sound quality from the WAVs as you can.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    i would recommend that you use imtoo mepg encoder......more can convert anything....

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    Try using FreeRIP, its easy to use... and its unlimited to convert into mp3.

    Not just that, It's a freeware!

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    I use mediamonkey, it's a good software, it has it's limitations in its free version tough, but you can use it to convert between formats in a user-friendly interface (you won't need anything from the "gold" version anyways)

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    i'm using iTunes to convert things to mp3 , hm
    but not sure what u want tho , if u want to convert mp3 back to wma or whatever which is smaller , it's better to use different shit like xilisoft audio convert
    good luck tho
    buy a new HDD is the better solution

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    if you have dell, use musicmatch, it is provided by dell
    oh if you haven't cleared up you disk for some time, do that too, it will gave you more space, depends on how much you browse and install things.




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