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    Default Just finished Reading..Lets chat ^^

    I just finished this manga this very moment =). Definitely a good read and well worth all the time I spent on it. I felt the manga had alot of weak points though. The beginning and even up to the middle of the manga was really strong and kept the audience wanting more. Great cliffhangers at the end of each chapter(but i didnt have to wait since i read it at its entirety, finished it within the last 3 days hehe). I felt that the point where it started to bore me a bit was when Suzuka came back from America(NY IS THE BEST ^^). There was no change in her in any way nor was there a change in Yamato over that year or two. Suzuka was still the same Suzuka she was before going to the US and Yamato really havent matured much since she left. Then there is the lack of character development except Yamato and Suzuka. Whats with that, they shoulda shown Yasunobu and the other track girl(cant remember her name even though i just finished the manga, gosh im horrible at this lol) in some sort of relationship. You know how quarrels leads to romance so such =P. Yui just showing up from no where during the party(after graduation) was just out of the blue and dumb. And there was no reference to what occurred to miho and the tsuyoshi(i think thats his name..) nor anything about the track girl and Yasunobu at the last chapter or even the chapter before that.

    Im sure I can think of more points if I go back and look at it again(and maybe remember some more names lmao) but then again not sure if im going to reread this manga again. Didn't really hit me that hard. It lacked alot of elements that would keep you attached. If the manga ended at the part where Suzuka actually left to NY, I felt that at an emotional standpoint, it woulda worked really well and mayb a sequel after that would have been great instead of making the manga like this.

    Anyways, Im sure all that I have stated have probably been said before and might have been old news. But for me who just finished this manga, I felt the need to discuss it hehe. SO LET THE DISCUSSION ARISE AGAIN ^^.

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    yeah i just finished reading it and i thought it was great, although the time jump and the sudden appearence of yui was kind of weird... but hey, no manga is perfect, i still rate it a 10/10




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