This might be aginist the rules to post this thread in this section but i think it might be ok since this is an unfinished manga.

What i have recently been thinking to myself is that how SJ has taken on a group of mangas for english translation that have all not been finish, or finished with crappy endings.

Such as Hikaru no go, Shamen king, death note, hunterXhunter, and more.

I wish that they would redo/finish the endings for these mangas, some peo have said they would.

And what tops this is that these mangas above are of the best for profit for Sj, i understand that things like naruto and bleach are thier main sells, but all the same these are very profitable mangas.

So in short, why do you think that Sj took on mangas that will not settle well in the end if left as they are AND do you think that Sj will do anything to change/fix the endings?

PS for at least hikaru no go and shamen king, i do not conceder these ending (yes im whining)