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    Default Bushin Fish Fin!?

    Well this is sure new... i never seen this one in my life.. of course ive never seen the manga version in my life...

    ive seen the anime where ren learns to "shrink his giant bushin" to concentrate power...

    this this the manga version?

    (FISH FIN?) Still dont get the name... looks like a sharks back and fin yes.. and resembles yoh's sword oversoul (with the armor and all to the handle of the blade from his samarai)

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    Ren shrinking his super bushin was the anime explanation of ren's oversoul evolution. So you shouldnt look at as the "manga version" but as the ACTUAL explanation of rens growth. You have to remember that the manga was the original version of shaman king. A lot of plotline placed in the anime was just to make it more appealing to the saturday morning cartoon crowd. (And on the top of the page it says that it translates into Bushin:the god of fighting, im assuming that this is what the kanji of "fish fin" translates to)

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    It's called a "Creative License." It means that a person has the ablility to change something that fits the person and how he sees fit. I saw "fishfin" and used that. I kept "Bushin" but just added "fishfin." I thought "The God of Fighting" was a bit too wordy. It's Windera's translation and I just changed it a bit. I never said it was perfect. An alternate term for "fishfin" is "Yutsu."

    And just in case you didn't know, it's a English scanlation. It's not just a scanlations which I sound out every Japanese word and put that in the bubbles.

    Wait for the manga to get to this point from Viz. My guess is that they will do it the same way I did. And when it does come out, make sure to buy it. Thanks.
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    Viz manga... at the rate that they're releasing them, I should be able to complete the collection before I retire -___-




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