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    I haven't seen any of them... After seeing only two episodes, will you recommend it or not?

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    ^First episode was actually nice but it was a filler episode. While the second was an exact copy of the manga. We only read a few chapters and it doesn't really tell us much. I'm leaving it for later and would probably watch it when I have too much free time.

    Sorry about the late reply. >_<

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    The whole series didn't make much sense to me - it was even more random than the main series and unfortunately..not in the rumble way we liked, knew and loved.

    Well, it finished and all lose ends got tied (did they, It was really mixed up and with so little explanation that I have no idea what happened there). We can only hope, that in parallel universe, where the manga characters actually exist - Tenma will be true to herself and Harima will still deliver his hurricane kick to people.

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    bah, for me this is the most satisfying ending ever (compared to eyeshield 21)

    & now, i can sleep well at night since Flag won over Onigiri...

    -i just hoped KJ didn't suddenly make up for another "School Rumble GT" ,because it will also be another unfinished ending...
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    T_T I loved that pict. Eri won, but the hell she deserved it, she worked hard for it :O Even Yakumos said that.

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    Boy, what a dreadful haphazardly "conclusion" to an otherwise great series. Almost insulting. Zero character progression or plot points, "it" just happens despite characters and chapters of nothing, with the way the they happened being thrown in, it's like the author didn't know what the heck he was doing (he basically retconned it) and just threw it in there with Harima and Eri at the end. The drawings even looked scribbled compared to the rest.

    A forced pointless ending. What a sad way for School Rumble to end. The original series hinted at so much more, but of course it ends like this. I almost hate how attached I got to this series.


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