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    Default School Rumble 283

    #283 CLASS

    Everyone's there, and they start throwing pies.
    A pie is thrown towards Tenma, and Karasuma catches it.
    Another pie is thrown towards her, and Harima shows up... to catch it.

    Harima: Looks like you guys are having fun. No one told me of this class reunion... what a bunch of rude classmates, eh?

    Karasuma: You are... you are.... Ha.... Ha....

    Tenma?: What!? Do you remember Karasuma-kun!!

    Karasuma: Ha...Hanai-kun!!

    Tenma?: Not quite!!

    Harima: Tsukamoto... I came after all, sorry about that.

    Tenma: Harima-kun...


    What's this saddended look in her eyes...!

    No... it can't be!!

    Harima starts fantasizing again

    Tenma: After we were separated, I finally realized.... After all, I.....think I love you Harima-kun.
    Harima: (I knew it!!! Yes, that's what's up with Tenma-chan!! Luckly I'm in a church... this must be a sign from God... no, fate!
    This must be the time for me to confess....!!!)

    Harima: Tsukamoto....I can say it now. I....
    Tenma: *sob*
    Harima: What!!? What's wrong Tsukamoto!!?

    A pie is thrown into Harima's face.

    Mikoto: Why are you making her cry!

    Harima: What....

    Tenma smiles, with tears in her eyes.

    Tenma: Welcome back.... Harima-kun!

    final page splash: 2-C forever!


    The 2-C mob characters like Asou, Tonariko, and others have lines too.
    Sagano calls Tonariko "Jun-chan".
    One of the unknown name listed in the manga for 2-C girls was 砺波順子 (Tonami Junko) so that's probably Tonariko's real name.

    Kinu is married, and is living in US with her husband.
    Saitou hears that, and gets depressed.

    Tanaka and Nagayama are engaged!

    Umezu and Madoka are still going out.

    Karen starred in a Dojibiron movie, and is scheduled for another movie.
    She calls Imadori by his name, Kyosuke, when he's beaten up by Lala... suggesting they are going out as couples now.

    Mikoto's cup-size increased.

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    Seriously, I can't remember being more disappointed with an ending than this. What happened to all that development Harima was having ten chapters ago? If he's going to revert back entirely to his character from the first chapter, couldn't he at least spew out his confession to Tenma?


    Well, the ride was fun before the head-on collision with the bus headed towards Nowhere Land, and I'm still going to check out this School Rumble Z thing.
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    This is the worst ending to one of my favorite mangas. I would have loved this more if the author gave it a decent ending. In the end, he never confessed. That's a HUGE BS. Harima is a dumbass and a cat (insert provocative word here).
    "Whoever wins, our battle does not end. The loser is freed from the battlefield, but the winner must remain there. And the survivor must live his life as a warrior until he dies." --Big Boss

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    errrm, i didnt carefully read any of the other posts as i usually do, cause i dint want it to get spoiled >_<. i just couldnt resist the thread though. all i want to ask is: what is this School Rumble Z rumor?

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    What a shitty, dissapointing, crappy, and idiotic final...

    I'm never reading stuff from that autor EVER.

    Even more, i hate him now.

    My only post in months, and the most meaningful.

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    Ok can someone tell me that this is just a sick joke cause this is one of those endings that sucks!!!! i mean what the hell happened? the end nothing was ended....everything remained exactly .......damn!!!! >_<

    And as many others what is gonna be the School Rumble Z?

    This is gonna sound a little stupid....i didn't read all the Inuyasha manga i just read the ending and comparing it with SR final makes it look like a great ending...damn...

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    you know what, i'm glad the anime is coming out soon and i'm expecting an alternate ending...

    a little bit outside school rumble, clannad episode 24 came out recently, episode 24 is an alternative ending in which the main character ends up with a different girl... i was kinda hoping for something like that... it would've been kinda cool --- but anyway, i hope for a better clear ending for the anime
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    and I prefer to see that harima will get a happy end in the end and........
    (well, I don`t care about tenma at all this whole time so......)

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    ugh I didn't read the spoilers but from everyones reaction. I could pretty much guess how it ended.

    SR is one of the series that I have been following faithfully even when things weren't going well. Maybe I should make a What do you love or hate in School rumble thread. =\

    Anyway all in all. I loved the series. Specially the part where everyone can become the main character if KJ wanted to. It showed the lives of everyone in that Town and how it develops. This is why I didn't like how it has ended abruptly. The only story that seem to have closed perfectly is Tenma and Karasuma (scratch that. I didn't see Karasuma's UFO so... )

    I'll be keeping my eyes open for any SR Doujin Alternate ending. I'm pretty sure theres a lot of disappointed fans out there that would want to create their own ending. (Hell I like my version of ending better in the ending thread).

    But I'm pretty sure about one thing. Nobody expected this ending >_<


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