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    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    I didn't say I wanted it that way; I just expected it to happen, because Tenma would be that predictable in the scenario, as is this course of events if you look at it in from the angle of a typical romance manga, which is what SR has degenerated into.

    I started reading SR because of the variety of characters and balance of comedy and humor (yes, because it was a love comedy). As you could expect, when the manga abandoned ship for a quicker and tackier "romantic" ending + drama, I was disappointed. Yes, we knew Karasuma was due to leave in a year, but why the sudden shift from the balance of comedy/love to drama/love?
    Only thing I can think of for this destroyed progression is the same thing that happened at the end of the Suzuka manga- the manga is getting pressured to end by the magazine that publishes it. So the manga has turned to crap at the last minute and abandoned it's own precedence and progression so that it can get a quick conclusion.
    I don't have anything against romance mangas or the genre in general, but I liked SR because it was slightly unique for a romance.
    True, SR is unique with the whole mix of relationship and unexpected twist and turns.
    but it was to be expected as this is a romantic comedy. If it has to end then it has to settle the relationships between them (well most of them anyway. I don't think it's possible for all of them to be settled). It just felt a bit rush though.

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    Another factor in my distaste is that I always liked the side stories and characters better than the main ones. Tenma and Karasuma were frankly boring characters to me, and everyone else made the manga worthwhile. So their antics usually diluted the main plot going on and I always enjoyed it. So now when we're forced to only look at the main relationship I get a tad sickened.

    But, I'm already starting to get over my annoyance.
    The drama has definitely made Karasuma more interesting. Tenma remains the same static character she's been for most of the manga, with minor additions of recognition of Harima's feelings and understanding of Karasuma's condition. Things are a little too serious now in Japan and among the side characters. Its sad that Jin couldn't make them mature using a natural progression, instead of using a tragedy to force it. But, as I said, this might be the only way he could end the manga in a timely fashion.

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    Maybe my question is out of nowhere, but is this the end of the series? -_-"
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    hm, Im quite tires of the series, so I do think that any ending NOW would be good enough, especially when it doesnt concern some love between harima and Tenma. Yo, I dont care that much about Tenma and the kappa, so its fine with me with them in USA wasting some time being cured or studying medicine ( I just wonder how the heck a schoolgirl as Tenma can actually turn out to be able to study medicine ? ), Im more concerned about Harima and stuff, f.E with whom does he end up with ?

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    I really hope we get a 3 yrs after where we see him cured! I always thought Karasuma loved Tenma. This is a satisfying ending for me. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Harima doesn't end up with Ojou. Anyone else is fine, just not Eri.

    Do we know when it ends? 300 maybe?

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    I don't think it should end until Tenma and Harima come to an understanding about their past. IIRC, Tenma's inability to recall their fateful encounter has been sort of a running gag in the manga, and to this day Harima still hasn't explained everything to her. Perhaps now is a good time, although I don't see him and Tenma getting together at this point.


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