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    Default Chapter 247 Discussion *Spoilers*

    A link to the not transleted 247th chapter

    A translation was made by Himiko
    Harima was caged (handcuffed, Yakumo was outside of cage)
    "I not kiss Imouto-san! Put me out here! Put me out here!"
    (Harima shakes the cage)
    Tenma: "Lier! Stay here monster!!"
    "I...i am a human!!!"
    (Tenma approximates a torch on Harima's side)
    "See! He's scare!"
    "This is normal...sister..."
    "That kiss not happened!!!"
    "Stop lying!"
    Takano: "The photo of criminal scene is ready."
    Tenme, Mikoto: "Ok, let we see!

    Seeing photo, the kiss is not happened really, Harima deviated last moment.
    "I said!!!"
    "Oh...its true! You deviated kiss with a monster hability!!"
    "Now, you believe me! I m not a monkey!"
    " are a ant eater! Its a monster yes!!!" (Tenma, SINCELERY i tired your retards action ¬¬)
    "Really...yet, he's a ant eater!!!"
    Harima doesn't want more knowledge of anything. "O...ok...i...i am a ant eater!!! (show mouth)"
    "Whow!!! This is incredible!!! Show again!!!
    (Huh?! This reaction...yes, now is a chance...yes, i will get now!!!)

    Ichijou see animated people.
    "I...i want kiss too..."
    "Ichijou, lets go to the gate!
    "Ichijou, you pass the gate [I have a like person] yep?"
    "Sagano chose the gate [I not have a like person]! She not have anybody!"
    "Yuki chose the gate [I have a like person]! Who's he?!

    The boys more excitated.
    "This...this is serious yeah! Most of the girls go to gate [I have a like person]!! Is this chance?! The

    only certainty that they like somebody of the same class!! "
    "Takano gave us a great chance"
    "It is that there!! We will flirt them also!!! "Ok!!"
    "We cannot leave them waiting!! " (Run)
    The boys also enter in the same gate that them.
    "Então..." "Sei sei..." (Deixando os garotos de lado)
    "And..." "Oh yeah yeah..." (They leave the boys of side)
    "Why?! Them nor so looking for us!! Them nor do they care with us?! "

    Ichijou is seeking for him.
    "Imadori-san was for which side will be... I don't see him..."
    Ichijou's backpack moves.
    (Imadori is snoring) "Oh!!!"
    "I...Imadori-san!! How did it go to stop there inside?!"
    Same being called, Imadori continued sleeping shamelessly.
    "After that school event... does it seem that I am being used... what will the one be that the Imadori-san

    thinks of me? ...... Wait!! Its my chance?! If I get to be the alone ones with him..."

    Ichijou excitated and thrilled.

    " I slept well...huh?

    "That good that you woke up."
    "I...Ichi-san...What's this?!"
    "I was seeking a place for Imadori-san to rest... but in the road I finished losing... that pleasant wind..."
    "Nor is a place accidentally for coming!! do I Leave!! Huh? I don't get to untie..."
    "I tied you for not falling because this is dangerous place." "What???"
    "Look...Listen the bird's beautiful song ♪" Gwe gwe....
    "That's a eagle* (Huh?...What...this situation is....)"
    *Note: I didn't understand this part very well.

    I...Ichi-san! This is your true intention with me yet?!" (cute...)
    This...this is not well!!! I need leave here quickly!!"
    "It has been a long time that we were not the alone ones."
    I m not understanding anything...!!! I will be devoured !!!
    Ichijou approximates your face on Imadori's face. (very cute...) "Rest a short time for we move

    class...i m sad..."
    "Not cold?"

    O que ela quer comigo?! O meu corpo?! Imadori cara que as mulheres fazem a sua é pra eu ter que fazer a vontade de uma mulher...
    What does she want with me?! My body?! Imadori Kyousuke...a man do the women do what he

    desires...if i need do a woman's desire...

    (The height is of 200m.)

    "What does with that place happen???"

    "I will fly flapping the wings as a bird!!! I don't want to be inside of the basket!!" O Imadori jump.

    Harima continues show your ant eater's mouth.
    "Its funny Harima-kun!!!"
    "............." Tenma continues of backs for Harima without saying anything.
    And Harima continues moving your ant eater mouth.
    "Little more!!! I will continue with this until Tenma-chan to look for me....!"

    Imadori falls on top of Harima and them kiss.
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    It's 247 not 246.

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    A world created 5 minutes ago...



    ant-eater? i guess it's he showed his lips like an ant eater...

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    so who ended up kissing Harima... please don't tell me its Imadori >_<;

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    the link to ch247 is not in japanese, it's the chinese translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Vincent_ View Post
    so who ended up kissing Harima... please don't tell me its Imadori >_<;
    The pictures are in the Ch.246 thread, so if I'm not allowed to tell you, then you'll have to see for yourself.

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    Thanks for the translation Larry, at least I can somehow see whats going on until Townsocks or some other group can release something.

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    Rapidshare link for a sucky translation of the chapter:
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