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    Default Chapter 244 Discussion *Spoilers*

    Since the raw for 243 came out and people are already discussing this chapter, it's time for a new thread. You can thank Swampstorm and Himiko for finding and translating this, respectively:

    "Ok! Already 5 minutes it passed!"

    Saito, Fuyuki, Yoshidayama...

    "What?! He's Harima?! He's...!"
    "I am with a premonition...I thought he would not appear! But...he came!!!"

    "Ok! Lets go!"

    Mikoto: "Hey Sawachika, your husband (Harima) came..."
    Sawachika: "Bu...but, I said that I don't have to do anything with him!"
    Hanai: "Huh?! Hey Harima...whats this handcuffs...and why you handcuffed with...Yakumo-kun?!!"

    Harima: "Huh?"
    Yakumo: "Erm...this, this is...erm..."

    Everybody surprised with this scene.

    Harima: "No! It is not what you are thinking!"

    "Hour of the truth?!"

    Harima: "This is...a accident!!!"

    Mikoto: "He's not convincing anybody with this..."
    Sawachika: "Yeah...THOSE THINKS HAPPEN..." (with killer eyes)

    "Huh? Where is Tenma? If see this scene, she would adore..."
    "Ah...she should be eating Pocky on top of the tree as a squirrel."

    Sawachika's right.

    Tenma's eating Pocky on the tree.

    Hanai: "Hey guy..Do you think it is CONVINCING ANYBODY?! Loose Yakumo-kun NOW! If still to insist on passing for this gate, you defeat me first YAH?!"

    (Harima tries to strike an aerial kick.)

    Yakumo: "!!!"
    "Yakumo-kun! (Gee...In this situation, I reach her too...!)

    Yakumo: "Ah.."
    (Harima defeat Hanai with handcuffs? K.O?)

    Yakumo: "Erm..."
    Harima: "Leave him."

    "Gee...It doesn't advance me to grind again here! Handcuffs? This not import me more! I m going head!!!"

    Sawachika's mind...
    What is he (Hige) thinking?! He arrived late and...And what happened Angola?!
    Sawachika with angry expression.
    And Yakumo...Why are you with him?
    What are you want with him?

    Yakumo: (Harima-san...he is wanting to pass for that gate!)

    Mai: "I m going ahead."

    Yakumo: (Harima-san go to...[I have a like person] gate!!!)

    "Whow!!! See them! They are going to that gate!!!"
    "They are excited!"

    Tenma-chan, see!!!
    "Hey guys, see my feelings!!!"

    (My only choose is to go for the same gate with him! But...this is...)

    (Huh? Wait...if i follow that gate...everybody will think will be with Imouto-san! Hmm...Tenma-chan is not here, ok, i need back!)

    Harima try back to other gate [I not like a person], but...accidentally down with handcuffs and...

    He trips and...

    ...a accidental kiss.

    Mikoto surprise.
    Eri petrify.
    It's the moment of truth for Onigiri! Will it show some semblance of a possibility of happening, or will it firmly root itself as a pairing used primarily as a plot device? Stay tuned for the next summary to possibly find out.
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    Default Omg Omg Omg

    OMG i was waiting for something like this. An accidental kiss is still a kiss. Hail to the Onigiri faction!!!! Now Im going to wait for sure the release of this chapter. I want to see it and not to hear it. Thx for the information, youre a great man (or woman). Btw, where did they find this information??

    P.D. Im sorry for Flag faction. This situation can really hurt them. I respected them too, but after reading Natsu no Arashi I was sure of the end of SR. Although they make a good pair the flag faction, i still think that the best is Onigiri.
    My best friend its me, so i dont like to be my enemy

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    I don't like the accidental kiss scene - it's just too plain and simple. SR should keep more random level than that.

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    :O...:O...:O...:O...:O............................ ...................................*silent*

    Too bad Tenma wasn't there to see it, I wonder Eri's reaction and Harima reaction.

    If Yakumo's powers are still working she'll definitely see his thoughts now but I reckon it'll be more like be about embarasment and fear of what will happen if tenma finds out.

    I wonder if he still thinks Yakumo can read his mind... once he's free he may decide to stay away from Imouto-san at all cost because she'll probably remind him of the kiss (is it his 1st kiss?) which will allow Yakumo to read his mind so... ... yea he may do that lol.

    I wonder how Yakumo will react... that's what I'm most interested in... maybe faint??? lol ...

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    which got kissed hanai or Yakumo...
    guess it was Yakumo then...
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    My God this is great. The reactions are going to be way to priceless.I've been wating for something this explosive since c.217. Now time going to stand still until the raw is released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolox View Post
    I don't like the accidental kiss scene - it's just too plain and simple. SR should keep more random level than that.
    yeah, accidental kissing sucks...

    Torrid kissing is the best!! ....(>__,0) Y

    haha, just kidding... i wonder if this will be the start of World War III?

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    Chainsaw is getting warmed up, I guess...

    Prediction understandable for older members :

    Yakumo : umm..Harima-sempai..why did you do it ?
    Harima : emm, umm - I don't know
    Yakumo : Well..should we explain the misunderstanding ?
    Harima : Naah, let's fuck.
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    So many reactions.

    For some reason, I don't really mind the accidental kiss thing, but that'll be because I go for Onigiri anyway. Yakumo's reaction should be priceless in any case.

    This is going to be fun.
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    I'm soooo making a siggy of this when the raws come up.

    Yakumo's reactions in 245 will be the X-factor here. Tenma wasn't present so I think Harima would be able to shrug it off, but if he sees that it bothered Yakumo, it might bother him as well.

    It would also be interesting to see if Eri tries to confront both Hige and Imoto-san, since she can't corner one or the other.

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