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    Default Whos a better pair, Harima-Yakumo, Harima-Eri ,or Harima-Tenma

    Man... hate to be posting this twice but my internet messed up when i wanted to post something on my last thread of this topic, my interenet screwed up and i ended up doing a double post, and to top it all off, i was banned for the rest of the week. Now i'm back but i can't seem to find my previous post so i now have to redo the whole thing. anyhow, on the the main event.

    personally, i believe that Yakumo is better for Harima. First of all, out of all the characters of School Rumble, she is the only who honestly cares and understands him. (Spoiler... nothing to big though but just skip incase) She is the one who cooked potatoes into lobster and shrimp looking things as she was the only who noticed he hated lobster ans shimp. She has always been helping him out witht he manga he is making, even had to take heat from her sister for staying over all night. She'd rather keep the secret of the manga and go throught all the rumours and nagging from the other students about their relationship than just leak out his secret. she even helped him out at the festival while he fell asleep in the bed of the princess for the play (loved that part). Plus, i think she is the only who understands that Harima likes Tenma. Eri on the otherhand... well.. i have nothing much to say about her. their relationship is rather typical so.. you know... Tenma though, god, she is an idiot (so is Harima but thats not the point). How thick can she be. don't want to offend anyone but come on, even in the manga itself, the author has wrote down countless times, both harima and Tenma are idiots. basicaly, this is the rating of the pairings that i would prefer

    Harima-Yakumo /***** (five)
    Harima-Eri /**** (four)
    Harima-Tenma /* (one... just cause it'd make Harima happy)

    so all in all, i prefer Yakumo cause i like her more than the other charcters, (i do like Eri too, she's second to Yakumo though) and cause she is worthy. Eri, i like her and her character is pretty nice too. Tenma is... can't describe in words that will not get me banned again.

    so, what do you think

    DANG... i just found my previous post and relized how futile it was to make this post... and dang... choose my words more carefully... what words... do you mean the god forbid tenma thing... oh man... i better not get banned again... *starts panicing*
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    well yeah at first I was thinking that but if that happens then Eri wouldnt have a pair for herself... wether you like her or not you still have to have her end up with someone.
    I dont know but I posted something like that in one of the threads, the *anyone a Tenma fan thread* lol sorry you hate her I think shes the coolest girl... also karasuma lol... but Im weird like that... I have my reasons... of course I also like Harima... but if you want you can probably read one of the last replies in that thread and you will see my point.

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    We already have a topic for this. Also, we do have Tenma fans here... if you're going to make a poll, it's best to keep your opinion out of the question being asked.




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