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    The thing is she had no position until after her b chapter i guess KJ thought he liked the idea of having Yakumo in the main story more.

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    Default [SR] Question and Answers + FAQ

    Most Frequent Asked Questions


    Q: I used to post here, but this forum is a little..different
    A: Got nuked - nothing we can do about it.

    Q: Where can I get School Rumble manga ?
    A: School Rumble is available on this site ( - for more information, visit

    Q: Where can I get School Rumble anime
    A: Check first, my personal favourite for downloading SR is

    Q: When will 3rd Season of Anime start ?
    A: No one really knows - check on official site updates :

    Q: I prefer Torrents...

    Q: I prefer mIRC

    Q: What's torrent ?
    A: Type of file which let you open download connection. It's based on peer-to-peer connection. Use to learn more

    Q: What's mIRC ?
    A: Program, originaly used to chat but also quite practical to store data. Use to learn more.

    Q: There was this guy..what was his name ?
    A: Check on Wannabe Wikipedia if you want to get the names of character you forgot

    Q: What are B chapters ?
    A: B chapters are the chapters which fills the story - explains what happened or concentrate on other side characters.

    Q: How should I read B chapters ?
    A: Check on SR volume listing, for :
    Volume 01: Ch 001-016..chb01,chb02
    Volume 02: Ch 017-030..chb03,chb04,chb05
    Volume 03: Ch 031-046..chb06,chb07,chb08
    Volume 04: Ch 047-058..chb09,chb10,chb11,chb12
    Volume 05: Ch 059-072..chb13,chb14,chb15,chb16
    Volume 06: Ch 073-084..chb17,chb18,chb19
    Volume 07: Ch 085-096..chb20
    Volume 08: Ch 097-108..chb21,chb22,chb23
    (more at

    Q: What are the factions ?
    A : Factions are "fan predictions" of future pairs in school rumble. The most famous ones are Flag (Harima x Eri), Onigiri (Harima x Yakumo), Odou (Harima x Tenma) and True Odou (Karasuma x Tenma). You can see other factions on wannabe wiki

    Q: I like this song of SR..where can I download it ?
    A: or

    Q: I want some fanarts of SR !
    A: Deviant art site ( might be the best place to start to search.

    Q: I want SR games !!
    A : The only released games of School Rumble are the erotical games - we are waiting for SR game on PSP : "School Rumble: Nesan Jiken Desu" and maybe for it's english version.

    Q: I want some AMV of SR - where can I find it ?
    A: has lots of them - with use of Firefox plugin "Videodownloader" or other programs, you can save them on your computer.

    Q: I would like to read some SR fanfic
    A: - don't forget to post your there too.

    Q: I want to have a sig with SR character on it...
    A: At we have a thread to request signiature :

    Q: I want to post some stuff like you do, but I am a n00b when it comes to forum
    A: - explains every trick you need to know (+ smileys

    Q: Do you have links to other forums ?
    A: Yes we do...but you want to stay here, right ?

    Q: Who is Tazmo ?
    A: ...we don't discuss Tazmo in this section

    Q: What the rule about "gayru" means ?
    A: Only senior members now - this secret will be taken to grave with us

    Q: I got banned...
    A: What a shame

    Q: Can I join the discussion ?
    A: Please do
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    ^I bet fandom also had a factor in that.

    But the way the b chapters flow has changed so much since the start of the manga.

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    when will B chapter 52 be translated??
    can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by illusionlapse View Post
    when will B chapter 52 be translated??
    can't wait
    The RAW still isn't out for Chapter b52, so Townsocks can't translate it. The question is: where the hell is that RAW?
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    Now I guess it's ok to ask where is b52 translation... because the tank scan (which probably means crappier versions of b52 were out even before that) has been out for at least 4 months....

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    Every SR series are translated by townsocks now, so as long as there is no update about B chapter at his site, that no translation yet. Indeed the main chapter translation has pass the b translation by more than 17 chapter, but as SR fan who don't understand Jap, all we can do is just wait. Maybe if there is a way to contact townsocks, we can help him doing the job. He himself said he is a "sickly fellow" (that is what he said at his site previously), that probably slow down translating speed, I guess.


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