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Thread: SR Video Games?

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    Default SR Video Games?

    If you could make an Adapted version of SR as a video game what kinda of video game would it be?

    Personally I'd like to see a Marvel vs Capcom Version of SR Fighting Game.

    Note: I've Changed some of the Single Supers to Correspond with the SR trading Cards, Here's a link for more information abouting SR trading Cards

    Single Supers

    • Itialian Spy (temporarily Transforms into a Spy)
    • Scoop

    • Shining Wizard

    • The God of Wind has Descended (Doubles Speed & Agility)
    • Hundred Flower Tiger Attack

    • Hurricane Kick

    • Fencing

    • Dojibiron Blue
    • Banana Crush

    • Body Switch

    • Air Gun Battering

    • Genroku Defense Force

    • Dojibiron Pink
    • Karen's Lift

    • Iron Claw

    • Heel Drop
    • Dais Repeating Kick

    • Eri Clone (Temporarily Becomes Eri)

    • Hymn
    • Revival Spell

    • Horseback Archery
    • BANG (Does a Gunshot move with her Fingers, only effective against Harima)

    • Preemptive Strike

    • ESP (temporarily Able to Read & Counter Opponent Moves if Male except Harima, IF opponent is Tenma, Reading Tenma's Moves with ESP is 100% Unreliable)

    Combination Supers

    Akira/Hanai - Instant Kill (Hanai Flies on Kite and instantly knockout's Opponent, 50% Chance sucess rate plus 3 second delay)


    Eri/Yakumo - BLOODY MARY

    Eri/Tenma - Onigiri Knock-Out

    Hanai/Harima - SHINING SUMARAI (when Hanai and Harima were fighting Harry before the Sports Festival)

    Hanai/Karen - Dance of the Nymph a.k.a Frankensteiner

    Hanai/Mikoto - Dynamite Sexy

    Harima/Itoko - Blackmail (Uses HArima as Shield While Itoko Attacks From Backline)

    Imadori/Mikoto - DOUBLE D!!!

    Imadori/Karen - Dojibiron Combo

    Karasuma/Tenma - MANGOKU ARROW

    Karen/Lala - Tag Team

    Tenma/Yakumo - ONEE CHAN POWER!!! or maybe an ESP Combo


    Special Hidden characters will be Iori, Ghost Girl and Mangoku

    Any other Character combinations or super moves can you guys think of?
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    maybe a 3d love simulation rpg will be good enough (not just like a picture, you keep clicking the mouse untill there's a choices), you control your own char in order to date or just have fun without having any girl friend
    ex: if you want to date:
    Be smart, Be Silent, Be friend with Tenma, Good at doing anythings,etc related to Yakumo's behaviour
    Rival: Hanai

    : Be Stupid, Be Noisy, Be friend with all of her friends, etc related to Tenma's behaviour
    Rival: Harima

    Rival: ?????

    Rival: Asou

    Rival: ?????

    Rival: Imadori

    *The girl you like can also confess to you if the requierment matched though it's much harder than you confess to her

    you also must have a part-time work for money (can have a part time job place with the other student or even the girl you like), study,etc like a real simulation rpg.

    You also can be friendly with other except rival of the girl you like

    There'll be many events in the school that you can join (such as 2D VS 2C) in order to impress your girl, or Get a highest rank, etc

    Maybe it'll looks like Harvest Moon but without farming hehe (but with 3d quality that equal with Final Fantasy 12)

    and of course you can fighting with other student (with your rival or just for fun if you want to become delinquent)

    And There's so much more that I can't say all of them. In other word, it's just you have another school life (with those school activity but you still can skip class and get a bad grade in order to become delinquent)

    Oh Well maybe it's too impossible hehe, in order to make that, we need a lot of time and programmers
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    A strategy game like those 'Advance Wars' on Gameboy (silly but somehow I like them)
    (General 1) Harima-taichou :
    Positive : His infrantry units can use "Hurricane Kick' which makes their attacks 30 % stronger
    Negative : When his depressed - his units movement is cut by half
    (General 2) Tenma-taichou :
    Positive : Lucky strike - Tenma, born under the lucky star, can somehow go through dangerous situation unharmed - + 10 % for all stats
    Negative : Guru-Guru-Mawaru - Her units can sometimes gets so confused, that you will not be able to control time sometimes
    (General 3) Sawachika-taisa :
    Positive : OJOU-POWER : Eri can always get 100% capacity and abilities from her units
    Negative : Money roll - Eri only likes good and fashionable stuff - all her units are 2 times more expensive.
    (General 4) Imotou-sanyo Yakumo-taisa :
    Positive : ESP - Because she can read her opponents minds, her units can reduce greatly damage from enemies attacks and counters
    Negative : Neesan.... - Yakumo indencisive character makes her units less aggresive - her units have lower fire-power (attack drop)
    (General 5) Hanai-senshu :
    Positive : Black Belt - Hanai's units have great discipline - their attack and defence is superior to other - he has also 1 movement square bonus
    Negative : Blockhead - Hanai's units can sometimes overdo and... run out from ammo and fuel more easly than other generals units
    (General 6) Miko~chan
    Positive : Dynamite-sexy : Her units have great morale - they advance with great speed and her attacks cannot be countered (propably because all her enemies are to absorbed with a letter called 'D')
    Negative : 'D' - Mikoto can sometimes be unable to counter too... she is a very sensitive girl, although her breats cup is so big....
    (General 7) Fuhrer Akira
    Positive : Destroy the world - enemy units die
    Negative : UNKNOWN
    (Bonus General) Rinko-taissa
    Positive : Invisible assasin - when she attacks while fog of war is activated, she can make a double bonus damage (her unnoticable nature makes her invincible)
    Negative : I'm too shy to appear so often... - Rinko stats falls down if the enemy is too nearby her units (when she is uncovered from fog of war)

    ...bestseller ;p

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    Good idea, through I want it likes the series ''Super Robot Taisen'' (search in youtube if nobody know what it is)
    @werrior: there was a game like you said, for PS2.

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    Super Robot Taisen? you wanna make a turn based tactical strategy game out of SR? lol

    SR is and always will be prime Comedy/Dating Sim material, i want my SR dating sim!!!

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    Yes I do, it can be very interesting.
    A game make by a Japanese guy, he take character from fate stay night and tsukihime to make his own sory, using SRT battle system. Really fun. Why not SR ?

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    Pretty Interesting - although they didn't show Tohsaka and Archer - the best duo of Fate-stay !! They would kick ass !!

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    Yes SR in PS2 but we control tenma right ?

    I mean we can control your own char, can be a rival or friend of harima, hanai, etc

    I really hope it's graphic as good as Final Fantasy XII though so it'll be more realistic

    I wonder what Yakumo-chan will look like if it's transformed in 3D

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    How about an fantasy-RPG.
    Story : Harima fells asleep while writing another D&D based manga...

    You start as .... Yakumo Yakumo is on quest releasing her sister (both of them are princess) from evil hands of unknown Dark Emperor. She was captured by the emperor minion - Knight Nara - a pitiful man with weak heart, but with help of Dark Emp. he became quite powerful. On the other hand, General. Togou of Empire main forces is attacking Yakumo country. She must make haste, so she can recapture her sister, which is a key to victory (based on some stupid prophecy no one actually believe, but everyone agreed they need some reasons to save princess... just saying she is a princess isn't enough to make people die for her )
    Base on the choices you will make in game, special characters will joined
    Yakumo - Magic apprentice - main character
    Harima, brigands king
    Yakumo will be rescued by him at the beginning of game. He will join the Yakumo quest after hearing about Princess Tenma - later in game it seems Harima met princess Tenma, supposedly she saved his life but he never could repay her (he couldn't enter castle and talk to her.. he is a brigand king after all).

    Eri, the Valkyrie knight Condition of accept : Needs Harima and Mikoto in team
    Eri is a daughter of well known knight. She always felt that her father would prefer a son, not a daughter,. maybe that's why she never been close to him before. To build up her confidence - she became a knight in training. Seeings the team strength - she joins them believing she can learn from them how to act brave and confident, that she could impress her father.

    Mikoto, Battle Monk
    Mikoto was just trespassing when Yakumo and Harima were attacked by Gen. McKenzee. She seems to hold a mystery...

    Hanai, Necromancer - joins if the dialogue will be done properly (if not: fights with Harima)
    Mikoto's drinking friend She takes the team to him, because he knows the way to get to place where Tenma is held unnoticed. He seems to be obsessed in Yakumo - he summons spirits and models them so they look like Yakumo - because of that our main heroine can't get along with him.

    Imadori, Bard Only if Sou is still in the team and if quest is made
    The team finds him running away from bandits called "Gorilla" - it seems the leader is Mountain Breaking Lala..

    Ichijou, Mercenary Only if accepted Imadori's quest.
    After getting defeated by Lala's outrageous strength, team is searching for help. Seems Ichijou is the only person who ever defeated Lala. Imadori's begs her for help, but Ichijou somewhat misunderstood it and took it as..confession (tjhe misunderstanding was made while Imadori talked about the reward he will give her if she helps them. By saying "I will give you my heart" he meant "I will give you all my poetry work I wrote")

    Sara, Healer
    Yakumo's friend - both are apprentince of magic in the castle. She was trying to catch up with Yakumo since she left the castle.

    Akira, Assasin Cannot join, she helps out the team few times
    ..When The team was fighting both Gen. Togou and Gen. McKenzy, they were able to defeat them with multiple-weapon wielding assasin who apeard from no where and dissapeared in the same way. She is the semi-boss, team fights here before fighting Empire. She seems to be a spectator and wanted to test their streanght.

    Itoko, Sniper Joins only for the time of secondary quest
    Former leader of Harima's brigands - seems Harima took over after she left. She is also in search of her friend - Asakura.

    Tenma, the wicked summoner
    She escapes from the castle thanks to Knight Nara - she asks the team to even so, fight the dark Emperor. It seems the Emperor is already fighting Prince Karasuma who could use any help. Tenma's 2 most powerful spell is summoning Tennonji - the monstrous giant and Kuuta-kun (known also as devil tusk),the devilish monster who can perform an Instant kill on enemy.

    Karasuma, Prince - only final battle
    ..nothing known about him. People just say one thing - he's strong. He won countless number of battles. He has a leaf-umbrella shield which protects him from all attacks.

    Final Battle
    ..and the Emperor shows his face taking of his big black helmet : It's Rinko !!
    After fight, Rinko admits she just wanted to be noticed, to be loved - that's why she did all of this.

    Other NPC - non player character
    Yoshidayama - one of the Harima's brigands. He takes over after Harima leaves.
    Oyaji - old sailor - he gives Harima his ultimate weapon - Fish skeleton spear.
    Nakamura - Eri's father faithful lieutenant. In the middle of the game, he challanges Eri to see how strong she became. He also have his young apprentince Masaru on his side
    Sagano - she seems to run every inn the team goes
    Yuuki and May - two imperial witches which teams defeats
    Asou and Suga - seems to be... Mikoto's personal guard. While playing the game it seems Mikoto is from royal family - she escaped because she prefers carefree life. Based on player decision - Mikoto goes with them or escapes them.
    Nishimoto - Emperor Aide - fortunately for the team, not really reliable one. He uses his position to spend times with girls...
    Fuyuki - Emperor Spy - every time the team encounters him, he is able to escape.
    Tae - Harima's rival. She challenges his brigand team a lot (she likes teasing him). When she learnt he left his brigands, she pursue him. If Eri is in team, Tae gets to fight with her.


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