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    Quote Originally Posted by tennisthehilife View Post
    ^Yeah I agree, I revived too many posts. Too many, I can't really expect anyone to reply to them all. I want replys though.

    I've never really posted in forums until I joined SmashBoards
    -I can SPAM/comment through the top 25-30 threads and all would get replys in half a day.
    -I've posted something in my SSBB Countdown Thread @ 8:06am and right now @ 9:08am, it has moved 13 threads down, no one commented. (101) are viewing in that general section of the forum and its 9am!!! Most should be in school.
    -SPAM and only the good ones are kept alive, the rest goes down the page in a few hours.

    Talk Tennis is half as responsive though. Harder to put SPAM there, posts have to be helpful.

    EDIT: I should probably give a point to this post.

    I understand that this isn't SmashBoards now, so I promise to stop reviving from now on. Maybe if theres more people, I'll do it? like 100 views.

    -For now, perhaps, if any of you have the time (Please, I'm sorry), could comment only on the threads you think are worthy and I'll just keep those top 5-10 threads alive.

    -I can't wait for the day when this forum or another forum gets a good constant 50 views and I can just spend hours and hours just sharing opinions and expressing my love for the Prince of Tennis. Don't you?
    yeah i'm visiting that forum everyday, but was too reluctant to join and post because there are a lot of trolls and hot topics almost always end in flame wars.

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    hilife, I was just reading the quote by you above and have one comment to make:

    You really don't have any right to expect a response to your hard work on your posts. The purpose of these forums is not to recognize people for "hard work" or for interest, but to allow for a dialogue between posters. Now consider how others see your posts. The majority of people who frequent this forum have been here much longer than you and have seen a lot of the stuff you mention talked about before (not saying all of the stuff). If we haven't responded to your hard work, its probably because we've already discussed the point you've brought up about a million times when you weren't at ST yet and lack the energy to do so again. Also, many of the threads that you revived were dead for a reason, and even I get a little annoyed when they are brought up from their graves. /rant

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    ^OK, I understand.
    Living the High Life.

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    From my honest point of view, I appreciate the will to revive these things but I grew annoyed of this forum.

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    Once I get 10 posts, I will be able to post a link. This link will be the BEST, unique PoT RP site EVER.

    It isn't normal RP. I can't tell you why, yet



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