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    Default Prince of Tennis - The Believable Storyline

    Whoo. Since an Ultimate Techniques thread was created as a result of my creating random techniques in the New Chapters thread (check around pages 126), I decided to make the Storyline thread. In here we will have predictions on upcoming matches AFTER the National Tournament. Cause as we all know, Prince of Tennis will go on to reach around 1,538 volumes, with so many bloody arcs. Let us assume that the Nationals end at around Volume 40, and presume that a new arc begins from there.

    According to my deep and accurate analysis of the Prince of Tennis series, the following arcs are as follows.

    1: Western Invasion Arc (Volumes 41 - 56)
    After the Nationals, the Nagoya team is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and the CIA sends a tennis team to investigate, because as we all know, tennis players can do anything. However, the American tennis players turn out to be arrogant, and one of them, John Smith, ends up killing Tezuka's grandfather in a tennis match (because everything in the world can be resolved through tennis). This causes the Seigaku team to go against the American team.
    Being Americans in a Japanese manga, the American team will be extremely racist, mocking the Japanese culture. This will infuriate Tezuka, who's recently deceased grandfather taught him to idolize samurais. The Seigaku team will recieve support from Hyotei, Fudomine and all the other major teams, who will appear to cheer for them in the match.
    In the end, Seigaku will win against the American team, and Tezuka will visit his grandfather's grave, and Oishi will attempt to cheer him up, leading to the Filler arc.

    Filler: Oishi's Luxury Cruise
    Oishi's incredibly rich uncle dies, leaving Oishi a whole heap of money. This causes a conflict with Atobe, who cannot stand having someone of his age who plays tennis being as rich as him, and he challenges Oishi to the Tennis Luxury Cruise Off, in which two tennis teams compete in a luxury cruise race by using tennis rackets as oars. This ends with a win for Seigaku, but in the whole frenzy, a Chinese assassin kills Tomoka and runs off with Oishi's money. In the end, Atobe treats everyone to sushi, and the Hyotei and Seigaku part ways as friends.

    2: Kung-Fu Showdown Arc (Volumes 57 ~ 66)
    In an attempt to catch the Chinese assassin who stole Oishi's money, the Seigaku team will head to China to duke it out with the Chinese Mafia. Helping them will be the Higa and Shitenhouji teams. The Higa team will prove to be a great help, as their Okinawa martial arts help them play tennis against the numerous martial-art based tennis styles of the Chinese Mafia (again, the Chinese Mafia play tennis because that's how everything is done these days).
    Many of the regulars of Shitenhouji and Higa will display newfound moves, paving a road to victory. In desperation, the Chinese Mafia will attempt to gun them down, only to fail - with awesome speed and tennis skills the regulars will simply use their rackets to deflect the bullets. This will cause the Chinese Mafi to bring in their hitman, Afro "Tennis Crusher of Complete Death and Doom" Bill Eddie, a Chinese martial artist related to those guys in that Shaolin soccer or whatever movie. He will proceed to beat the living stuffing out of most of the protagonists with his Dragonball Z influenced tennis, and Gin will lose his arm in the process whlie protecting Kintarou.
    An angered Kintarou will them team up with Ryoma in order to summon the hidden secret tennis demigod Behemoth, who will procede to eliminate Afro Bill Eddie. However, at the end of the arc, it will be revealed that Eddie is no other than... Oishi's father.

    Filler: ???

    3: Infinity Crisis (Volumes 67 ~ 74)
    In a basement of Seigaku, Horio will discover a secret room, and upon inspection, the tennis team will find a portal. Ryoma, Kaidou, Kawamura and Fuji will enter the portal and be sent back in time.
    After playing tennis with a variety of legendary people (Alexander the Great, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Queen Mary of England, William Shakespeare, Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sarte, Harnan Cortes, Joseph Stalin, Abraham Lincon, Oda Nobunaga, etc.) and defeating them all, Ryoma will encounter a clock that has tennis rackets as the minute and hour hands, and procede to destroy it. This will cause a time-space rip in the fabrics of reality, and all the Seigaku regulars (and the rest of the world) will be sent back one year but retain all their memories and skills. This allows the entire world of Prince of Tennis to go on without anyone graduating, allowing for more abuse of time.

    4: ??? (Volumes 75 ~ 77)


    5: Retrieve Ann Arc Part 1 (Volumes 78 ~ 82)
    Tachibana and the Fudomine team will come to Seigaku, asking for help; Ann has been captured by a mysterious tennis team, and the Fudomine team are currently lacking in strength (most of them are still injured from the previous arc). Seigaku readily agrees, and two four man squads are formed - Momoshiro, Kamio, Tachibana and Ryoma in one and Tezuka, Shinji, Ishida and Fuji in the other.
    As they track the mysterious team, all but Momoshiro will fight one-on-one with members of the team (the mysterious team has 6 members, and a hidden secret member who can manipulate the bones in his body to strengthen his shots will appear later on to take on Ryoma). When the protagonists are near death, a three man team from Hyotei (Atobe, Shishdo and Jirou) will appear to help.
    In the end, Momoshiro manages to reach up to Ann, who tells him that she left of her own free will. Ann and Momoshiro will then have a match, in which Momoshiro loses despite unleashing the power of the weatherman withing in, and Ann will leave to go meet up with the coach of the mysterious team.

    6: Retrieve Ann Arc Part 2 (Volumes 83 ~ 87)
    Unable to believe that Ann would betray Fudomine, Momoshiro proposes that Seigaku and Fudomine go to the enemy base and get Ann back. However, the Tennis Government of Japan forbids them from doing so, and declares Ann as a traitor.
    Momoshiro then enlists the help of the old man from Rokkaku, who opens a portal to the mystery tennis team's base, and a team of Momoshiro, Shinji, Ryoma, Kamio, Oishi, Tachibana and Kikamaru will enter the base.
    There, they will meet the 10 strongest assassins and their master in the world who plan to take over the world through tennis using Ann's powers. After spliting up, the protagonists will manage to take down the assassins one by one, and it will be revealed by Assassin No. 4, Vladimir Cho, blackmailed Ann into going with them by threatening to kill Tachibana with a bomb hidden in his body.
    Finally, Ryoma will take down the assassin's master, and Momoshiro will go to Ann. However, due to the experiments conducted on her, Ann will have been mentally scarred, and become a seductive tennis player with an insane personality and extreme power. Ann will start to wail on Momoshiro with extreme power shots enhanced by a power armor suit made especially for her. Momoshiro will endure, and confess his love to Ann, which causes her to snap out of her insanity, and she will collapse in his arms, weeping.

    Filler: Doki Doki Teni-Puri Cookoff
    After all the hectic matches they've had up to this point, the regulars of Seigaku will attempt to relax by engaging in a cooking contest that has them doing the most relaxing thing anyone could ever do - playing hectic tennis. By playing tennis against each other, the regulars will cook a variety of food (don't ask me how this works, but it seems that the better you do, the more delicious the food). At the end of the arc, when all the food has been cooked, Rikkai will join in and Sanada will tell Ryoma that the ones who killed the Nagoya team is no other than... Tezuka.

    6: Tezuka Crackdown (Volumes 88 ~ 93)
    Ryoma, unwilling to believe that his captain could cold-heartedly murder the Nagoya team, confronts Tezuka, who simply admits it. Tezuka will the procede to unveil a new level of Muga - the Pinnacle of Pretensious Crap. Completely overpowered, Ryoma will sink into depression, only to be brought out of it by Sakuno, who tells him that she believes that he (Ryoma) is strong and that there must be something wrong.
    It is at this moment that the government issues a nation-wide evacuation plan, revealing that the Japanese government officials have all been killed by Tezuka. Seigaku itself will be attacked by Tezuka at the same time, bringing a twist - these were all Tezuka clones! After the entire nation has been evacuated, only a few (Ryoma, Fuji, Oishi, Yukimura, Atobe, Sanada, Tachibana, Shiraishi, Kintarou) will remain to take them down. However, the numerous Tezuka clones cannot be taken down (they outnumber the protagonists 100 to 1) until the real Tezuka appears, taking down all but one of the clones at the same time with his new move, which is not shown to us.
    Tezuka will then tell Ryoma to take down the last and strongest clone, the one that originally beat Ryoma in the beginning of the arc. After all returns to normal in Japan, Tezuka will then tell Ryoma that it is time for his final trial - to go against the him and become the new pillar of Seigaku.

    7: Battle for the Greatest Arc (Volumes 94 ~ 99)
    In order to prove himself as the greatest tennis player, Ryoma will battle against Tezkua for 6 entire volumes. Six. Entire. Volumes. And win.

    8: First Encounter Arc (Volume 100 ~ 101)
    In a Japanese Space Shuttle Program made to reach out to alien beings, Ryoma is chosen to drive. However, due to the work of a jealous rival, the Space Shuttle will crash, and Ryoma will be deeply wounded as a result.
    Luckily, however, an alien shuttle will crash into Japan (cause everything in mangas happen in either Japan or Germany), and an alien will emerge. The alien will then challenge the strongest tennis player in the world to a match (Nanjirou no longer plays, so Ryoma is chosen) but due to his injuries, Ryoma is forced by Tezuka to step down. Tezuka will instead fight in Ryoma's place, only to die by the hands of Zolzz Omega Six Six. Before dying, however, Tezuka will slash ZOSS in the eye with his racket, blinding his right eye.
    After Tezuka's death, many members of the Seigaku team will rush to attack ZOSS in anger, only to be killed, Horio among them. In grief, Ryoma will then declare war against the entire race of ZOSS, setting off in motion the Universal Tennis Tournament.

    Anyone else want to contribute? XD

    Fill in missing parts or add more on!
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    I've done it!

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    Lol. Awesome. I think Ryoma should at some point find out he has a third eye that gives him special powers. Hm... Let me give this some more thought.

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    0.0 wow...
    One who paints the beauty in love
    is one who pretends to know her form.
    One who paints the ugliness in love
    is one who once arrogantly knew her
    -Bleach Volume 20

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    The Battle for the Greatest Arc is my favorite arc.

    ... Not really.

    The two Ann arcs are complete copies of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc and the Retrieve Orihime Arc of Naruto and Bleach. XD

    Though in reality I don't know how the Orihime Arc will end.

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    Battle for Greatest arc had me laughing so hard
    6 volumes

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    Where will Rikkai come in??? And 6 volumes of Ryoma VS Tezuka is a bit much isn't it?

    by kamesoul @ LJ

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    If you think six volumes is too much, take this into consideration.
    This is Prince of Tennis. XD

    Rikkai will probably come in one of the unfilled arcs. I plan to add more as I go on. Other people are free to contribute, too.

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    wow, you must create the continuation of dragon ball gt

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    How many manga's ideas did you make fun of in this plot? I counted at least 6:
    Gantz(Space Shuttle...)
    Bleach(An retrieval arc)
    DBZ(battle for greatest=Cell Games)
    Shamo(kung fu showdown)
    Yu Yu Hakusho(2 tournaments...universal tourney)

    Awesome plotline-give it to someone who can waste their life writing 40 volumes of manga like Rumiko. Konomi wouldn't be able to write 40 volumes within the next 200 years.

    You have to add a recruitment arc after the Zoss defeat arc where the remaining living Seigaku regulars recruit successors to the Seigaku team.


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