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    ^I missed these humorous story continuations. Make sure not to forget the part about Fuji's sister being a double agent who ends up further instigating the conflict between Echizen Ryoma and Tezuka by competing both with both Ryoma's and Tezuka's sister's affections.
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    The characters of the EoT are as follows.

    Ryoma: A young man whose genius abilities have gained him the title Emperor of Tennis, Ryoma has the uncanny ability to absorb virtually any tennis technique that has been used on him. His primary racket is called Scale of the Dragon, and is said to have been made from the scales of a dragon (wow, original naming). A well-balanced racket, the Scale of the Dragon is indestructible and sentient; it will not serve a master that it does not approve of. Ryoma reforms the Seigaku Regularities after its disbanding, and is named the Captain of the group.

    Momo: An outgoing Regularity, Momo is titled as the "Child of the Wild", and fights with a fierce determination and frenzy that is unmatched. It is said that he is capable of bending the weather to his advantage. His specialty is known as the Dunk Smash, and attack that can crush boulders and cleave the air itself. He later on develops the technique Jackknife, a swing so sharp that it can cut the veins in a human without actually cutting the skin. He loves eating and sleeping, and has a rivalry with Kaidou. His racket is titled Nature's Guise, a racket covered in leaves, which allow it to soften the blow of attacks against him, as well as provide him with Leaf Energy.

    Kaidou: The rival Regularity of Momo, Kaidou is known as the "Viper of the East" due to his narrow eyes. An offspring of a famed yoga clan, Kaidou can manipulate the length of his arms, allowing him to strike the back of his opponent's necks simply by lengthening and curving his arms. Moreover, his special Snake technique allows him to hit a ball so that it suddenly curves in mid-air, leaving opponents confused and disoriented. His racket, the Serpentine, is longer than most rackets and is made of a flexible material that allows the handle to be handled like a whip. This not only allows for unpredictable attacks, it also gives Kaidou the power to reflect any ball attacks back at the enemy.

    Kawamura: The largest Regularity of Seigaku, as well as the powerhouse, Kawamura is known as the Burning Titan for his mastery over the element of fire. Though timid by nature, Kawamura is transformed into a raging beast through his Racket, Meteor Hammer, a gigantic racket with a rectangular frame, rather than a round one. Kawamura seeks to be the greatest power-based Regularity in the world, and employs the special technique BURNING Soul Wave Ball, in which he envelops the tennis ball in flames before sending it to his opponents as a miniature bomb. Kawamura later perfects the technique, allowing him to use BURNING Soul Meteor Wave, in which he utilizes a variant of Momo's Dunk Smash to send down a vast amount of BURNING Soul Wave Balls, each capable of leaving a ten-meter crater.

    Kika: The speediest Regularity of Seigaku, Kika, the "Blitz Star" is special in that his vast potential requires him to play with a limiter device, a type of robot called a Synchronizer. Kika's Synchronizer is Oishi, who, unlike other Synchronizers, is a human. It is said that Kika contains the potential to rival that of Tezuka, though his natural limits prevent him from going full-out, even with a Synchronizer as talented as Oishi. In later chapters, Kika manages to utilize his full potential through the use of a secret clone technique; by temporarily cloning himself, he distributes his full potential evenly among them, allowing him to fight as 4 - later 10 - Kika's with incredible power. Kika's racket is the Reverse-Masamune and Reverse-Muramasa, copies of Tezuka's Masamune and Muramasa, as well as one of the few double-Rackets in the world. It is later revealed the Kika was the only survivor of the Tezuka Regeneration Program, meant to bring forth clones with the potential of Tezuka. After realizing this, Kika decides to follow his own path in life, rather than imitate Tezuka, and obtains a new Racket, which unknown to him was created through the sacrifice with Oishi.

    Oishi: An extremely talented Synchronizer, Oishi is perhaps the first human Synchronizer in existence. However, to keep up with Kika's playing style, he is forced to equip implants in order to prevent his body from shutting down at the sheer level of Kika's skill. Though not a Regularity himself, Oishi is capable of protecting himself with the Tsuki no Volley (Volley of the Moon), which employs the power of the moon. Oishi harbors feelings for Kika, though Kika is unaware of such. Oishi will later on throw himself in front of Tezuka's attack to save Kika, and on his dying breath request to Ryoma that his bones be used to create a new Racket for Kika. This results in the Special A-Level Racket Tsukihime (Moon Princess), which acts as a Synchronizer for Kika, due to Oishi's soul powering it.

    Inui: Known as the "Database Demon", Inui possesses an incredible intellect that allows him to read the minds of others. He is constantly taking notes in order to expand his database. It is said that Inui never forgets something he has learned. This has turned Inui into a cold character, as mysterious events from the past constantly haunt him. Inui's brain is said to be faster than that of a supercomputer, allowing him to think up at least 100 different ways to react to a certain move while playing. His Racket, the Analyzer, has a built-in holographic screen in the frame that not only gives Inui the power, speed and angle of a serve, but also the various factors around him, such as wind and temperature, and even his enemy's weak points.

    Fuji: The man said to be second only to Tezuka, Fuji is known as the "Gatekeeper" of Seigaku due to his vast store of counter skills, which prevent the enemy of landing a hit on him. Fuji's genius is said to be so developed that he can change his attack mid-swing at any time to any direction. Moreover, his attacks are always unpredictable; it is said that a computer program was once used to attempt to analyze him, but broke after his first serve. Few things are known of Fuji, even to his team mates. It is thought that Fuji is aware of what Tezuka is planning, but simply choses not to do anything out due to his interest in Ryoma, who he believes will provide him with vast entertainment. Fuji's Racket is called the Desolate Fever, though its abilities are unknown to all save Tezuka.

    Tezuka: The former Captain of the Seigaku Regularities (Nanjirou chose not to take a position), Tezuka defected to a mysterious faction after killing Nanjirou, who attempted to stop him. Tezuka's blood is said to contain the blood of an ancient demon, as Tezuka is the descendant of the first Emperor of Tennis (the Emperor of Tennis does not pass through blood, but rather, through random earthly vessels). Tezuka's skills are said to be virtually unmatched; none save Nanjirou were able to defeat him, and even Nanjirou was killed in the end. Tezuka's Rackets are the Masamune and Muramasa, created by the greatest sword smiths of the past, which never rust and maintain full strength through the times. It is unknown what Tezuka seeks to achieve, though Nanjirou accused him of seeking to revive his deceased sister.

    Atobe: The former Captain of Hyotei, Atobe left after a certain incident. Once known as the "Frozen Conqueror", on similar status with Tezuka and Rikkai's Yukimuara, Atobe now works as a fortune teller in Hyotei District, refusing all pleas to resume his former position. It is only after Ryoma, with the help of Niou, Atobe's childhood friend, manages to stir his former love for tennis up that Atobe returns. Atobe has the ability to read time and predict the moves of his opponents. Furthermore, his unique Territory Manipulation, the World of Ice, allows him to freeze the area around him. The frost sends unwitting opponents to their doom by slowing their reaction time and numbing their sense. Atobe's Racket, the Conqueror's Will, is covered with a transparent sheet of ice which can be sent as projectiles towards the enemies, and freeze whatever it strikes.

    More later.


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