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    Default The Limit of Copying?

    I've been reading the chapters of PoT again, and Kabaji, Atobe and the Muga have got me wondering about the limit of copying other's techniques. Kabaji and Atobe have demonstrated that you don't need Muga to copy another player's techniques, and Kabaji's copying actually seems to surpass the base Muga.

    Kabaji can copy other people's techniques, but can he copy passive skills? Kabaji has shown to be able to copy the Tezuka Zone and even the Muga, but can he copy something like Momo's Insight or Atobe's World of Ice, which are passive skills? Or physical traits, for that matter? Also, as shown in his match with Tezuka, Kabaji can't seem to control the Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami as well as Tezuka, since he didn't have as much experience. Finally, Kabaji's copying only seems to be temporary. But if you add Kabaji's strength to his capability of copying techniques, he's kind of like a Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami in himself. Kind of like an inaccurate Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami on steriods. XD

    Meanwhile, the Muga (basic version) seems to be able to copy not only techniques, but also physical traits (Ryoma copying the Seal Step and the Shukuchihou, which require speed that Ryoma most likely does not have). But the Muga can't copy the Tezuka Zone - Sanada remarked that he could not, and Ryoma was not activating his Muga when he used it. One thing I wonder about the Muga is if it can copy techniques that the user has seen but not fought against. I don't remember Ryoma going against Kikamaru (after he learned the Seal Step) or Kai, but he was able to use their techniques. Does that mean that Ryoma is basically capable of using the techniques of everyone else he's seen in a match, such as Fuji's counters? And what about strength? Can Ryoma hit the Hadokyuu with similar strength to Gin or Kawamura? Or does the Muga not extend that far?

    To a lesser extent, there have been characters who use same moves. Fuji's Higuma Otoshi has been used by both Atobe and Oshitari (Kirihara was using the Muga, so it doesn't count). And Atobe managed to use Kai's Viking Horn, despite (most likely) only having seen it in his match with Ryoma, using it to counter Ryoma's Viking Horn. And then of course there's Ryoma, who copied the Snake and (partly) Kikamaru's Acrobatics before using the Muga.

    And then there's the recurring lesson that you can't win without your own playing style. Nanjiro lists that as one of the reasons why Ryoma was not yet perfect - he was simply copying his father's style until he lost to Tezuka and decided to do it his own way. The Kabaji and Tezuka match also seems to verify that - Kabaji, who plays by copying the techniques of others, may be (as Atobe stated) stronger the stronger his opponent is, but Tezuka beats him because he (Kabaji) isn't used to handling the Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami. I kind of find that ironic, though, since Tezuka's Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami is basically the same thing, as shown in the match against Kite.

    I don't really know what I'm trying to get it here, but I just thought that it might provoke some thought.

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    A copy will never beat the value of the original of anything. But in PoT, They make it unrealistic that somebody could copy these things, and it makes characters no longer "unique". Is that Fat guy really unique anymore now that Kite is able to do his big bang serve? No. That goes with anything for that matter.
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    I sort of agree with Fayte. It's just a matter how how little of the original move the copier loses. Wakato uses his change over to copy different types of play, but he is nowhere near professional caliber even though he can copy professionals. As for Kabaji and the different types of Muga, they come pretty close to copying the original technique, but I'm sure there are slight imperfections in the technique. If not, there's still the fact that they can't evolve the move like the player who learned it themselves. Fuji was able to evolve his counters, but if Echizen or someone else copied it with Muga, they wouldn't be able to evolve it. They have to wait for Fuji to evolve it first before they can maybe copy it.

    As for Oshitari and Atobe being able to use Higuma Otoshi, it just shows that they learned it just as Fuji did. Who knows, they might actually have learned it before Fuji did.




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