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    Default WHY was the rikidai match in the anime so bad? And much more.

    WOW that was beyond retarded - why the hell did the animemators put that in? Anyways looking forward to see what people have to say about this. If you write some crap about how echizen has lost before _ well no shit - but the way this is portrayed is that if echizen didn't have his extra week - he would have been screwed.

    Okay things to say.
    I think in the doubles 2 match - they made momo and kaidoh's score a bit higher - okay w/e fine. However they also end it with momo smashing it out instead of the manga where Momo and Kaidoh win in terms of pride and forcing bunta to swap roles.
    doubles 1
    Okay no Niou and Yagu impersonation whoppee doh. Yagu's golf swing ? WTF IS THIS? If you try that in tennis you will hit it flat and it will go out - oh wait he had top spin on that and made it a heavy ball - why can't the animator's stick with the laser? Also Niou notice's kikumaru's bad habits (only in anime) - doesn't this sound like what saeki did to kikumaru... Yay whoppeeedoh.
    Singles 3 - I think its almost the same.
    Singles 2 - Um fuji getting hit in the head when he was careless - is alot different than an alert fuji getting pelted in the stomach and knees a million times. How do you know if something is a filler.... when stuff like that happens. This is fuji we are talking about - I'm sorry but no - as tezuka said Fuji's skill is not as low as this. Fuji hit a higumi otoshi from a really nice smash from jirou - i'm sure kirihara's smash was no worse. Also kirihara did not self actualize.
    Singles 1- Ok you've read the manga - now why why why do the animators decide to make echizen win with self actualization - when in fact he tries it in the begining and it doesn't work. Oh yes how in the world does echizen win his cyclone smash? In order to use it Sanada has to hit a high ball - sorry but if Sanada is that good he won't be hitting those balls. I'm not going to even continue this.

    Other matches. - These are all only occuring in the anime - oh except the rokaku one.
    Fuji vs Ootori - sorry but fuji isn't a retard who just stands there - no in fact kirihara uses higumi otoshi and fuji returns it blind.
    Oishi, shisido vs kikimaru, choutouru - sorry but since when was oishi good enough to counter a really fast serve? He wasn't - thats why this never happened in the manga.
    Yay fuji can't add enough spin in his racket - read my tsubame gaeshi post so you can hear my rant as to why a flatball won't even stop tsubame gaeshi.
    What else? CHANGE OVVERRRR - Sorry kaidoh isn't a retard who stands there. no no no.
    Lemme see oh yes the american west coast team - the selection process was retarded. Tezuka knows echizen is a cynical beast and never appears to treat anything seriously duh - anybody knows that.
    OH yea momo and kaidoh's new moves? NO NO and no.If you were hyotei's coach - you would not put atobe and sanada in doubles - it doesn't work that way. You would also make people try out as doubles (voluntarily) - not mix singles together into pairs.

    You usually tell your team the playing order i'm sorry.

    Okay america's team doesn't even resemble an american team in what they wear. Have you ever seen the ryder cup? president's cup? Any internation sports thing... Yes you get the idea.
    The american's bad english I understand because it is so native japanese people can understand it.
    Okay.. whoppee doh WTF IS THAT COWBOY SERVE?
    High speed rally? WTF WAS THAT?
    America's West Coast doubles 2: OMG I can hit a ball behind you... guess what the ball will go straight... all you need to do is stand at the baseline so you are not caught off guard... genius? I think not. Ootori's "I cannot see the path of the ball makes no sense"
    Singles 3: Okay wow a retarded power match.
    Singles 2: Tennis machine... I like how he scores points on fuji without us even seeing it (aside from the first serve). The training scene where arnold was prediciting the serve was cool though.
    Singles 1: Kirihara!!!! DUN DUN DUN.. COACH SAKI are you retarded? SANADA > KIRIAHARa. damnit so is atobe, echizen and fuji (who won in the anime)!!!!
    Yup lets put the losers in the singles 1 you know... Yes totally mate... lets not put echizen who is japan's number 1 at this moment (in the anime) but no lets put some loser... Wahoo phantom ball. Yahoo I injured my arm and suddenly the american coach offers to let the substitute player come in. You know that would never never happen... the rammifications from that. Okay now kevin's move mirage move - how in the world does the ball spin on the floor like that? (kinda reminds me of the guy's move in 313 though).

    I understand why midori was not in the anime but that school that came in its stead was really stupid and fillerish.

    echizen beating tezuka at the end of the anime! yahooo why not go have a sword match instead of playing tennis.

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    if u really hate it that much why would u watch anyway..

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    dude, we all know that the anime was bad, so just stop this nonsense, and keep quiet, and what the hell is your point anyway? we all know whats wrong with the anime you didnt have to come hear and release your wrath of fury on the anime in this forum, u should just keep it to yourself, u didnt have to act like a know it all critic you imbecile, if u hate it so much then dont watch again and look for a different manga or anime to read

    oh and dude its not Ootori, its Oshitari
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    Here's a good rule for any manga you like and would never wish to see spoiled: don't watch the anime.
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