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    Quote Originally Posted by tinyteen
    er.... ryoma verses atobe in need to read furthur into the manga, well at least i heard that he does.
    they met at the nationals not at the kantou... ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatsntomake
    WTF IS tezuka such a retard, at this time hes injured cannot use his self actualized gate. Lets see what atobe can do oh yea rhondo- guess what fuji can triple counter that - and even if atobe does it aim at fuji's wrist - fuji will find a way around it.

    TEzuka had to use quite a bit of himself to defeat echizen - GASP* why not use echizen and bring out his potential.

    God tezuka your a retard.
    Tezuka's elbow was indeed injured when he was a first years but the reason that Tezuka lost from Atobe was that it was his shoulder that caused his pains during Kantou
    talking about Tezuka's elbow

    and i am pretty sure there were older chapters when he went to oishi's uncle who is a doctor and they were talking about his elbow

    But during Kantou it was obviously that his shoulder was hurting him , probably because he bended his shoulders more because he was trying to be carefull of his elbow -.-,

    So Tezuka was confident of his elbow that it would not bother him when he was playing against Atobe and i am pretty sure that he thought that he was at that time the only one who could take on Atobe

    So whatsntomake , go read the manga better before making stupid assumptions

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    hmmm.......i also think that if tezuka in the normal condition, he will playing well with atobe.....they have same rate of power...........maybe they will do tie-break until 500........^^

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    i agree with most of the other people who post in this discussion, whatsntomake, u shouldn't make stupid comments if u don't like the manga or anime.......maybe u shouldn't read it at all then...
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    yup, it's not proper to pepper posts with foul words.

    Tezuka was not in top form when he took on Atobe. I don't know if Ryoma could have taken him on outright at that time either (I'm basing my comment on the fact that Sanada beat Echizen the first time they met, even unofficially). It would be interesting if we see a rematch of Tezuka and Atobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatsntomake
    are you retarded? IN THE MANGA YOU RETARD NO NOT THE ANIME... THE MANGA... the tezuka vs echizen match did not have its score shown and the manga also focuses greatly on how it took quite a bit of tezuka to beat echizen.

    Retard don't confuse the anime with the manga. Do you know what tezuka would have won if he wasn't injured - geez lets take a guess... he probably would win 6-4 w/o using his gate or self actualization ability.
    No, it is definetly YOU who is the retard. In the manga (if you had enough brain to figure this out), Echizen won against Atobe 119-117 at tiebreak. They don't say this but they say that the score is 116-117 right before Echizen makes his final shots. Please don't be so arrongant when you clearly don't know what you are talking about.
    In terms of skills, Atobe is definetly a Tezuka-level player. He has the Tannhauser serve, Rondo to destruction, Ice world, the new serve (blood chill serve or something like that), he can find weaknesses in his opponents instantly, and can see any spin on the ball. In regards to the Echizen/Atobe math, Atobe didn't even use his new serve. Atobe, along with everyone who faces Echizen, oses just because the author decides so. Though,, I think that Echizen should ha ve lost both this match and the Sanada match.
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