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    Default Finals Order Predictions

    If Seigaku goes to the finals, what do you think will be the line up against Rikkai? Will it unpredictable as with Shitenhouji?

    I think the matches will be:

    Doubles 2= Eiji x Kaidoh x Bunta/Jackal

    Doubles 1= Momo/Inui x Yagyuu/Niou

    Singles 3 = Ryoma x Akaya

    Singles 2 = Fuji x Sanada

    Singles 1 = Tezuka x Yukimura

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    I think its going to be ryoma vs yukimura since he has faced the other sanada and akaya already, there might even be a chance yagyuu would be facing him. Then its tezuka vs akaya and fuji vs sanada.

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    Renji would probably be in doubles with Niou (in place of Yagyuu). If he's not though, here's my order.

    Momo x Eiji vs. Jackal x Akaya

    Inui x Kaidou vs. Marui x Niou

    Tezuka vs. Sanada

    Fuji vs. Renji

    Ryoma vs. Yukimura

    Haha... I took Yagyuu out, but making an all attack team would make more sense, and so would putting Akaya (an attacker) with Jackal (a defender). This is not only what I'd like to see, but also what I think will come out as the order.
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    Eh, I don't know maybe it's because I like their usual line up but here's my prediction...

    Doubles 2-Kaidoh/Inui or Kaidoh/Momo vs Jackal/Bunta
    Doubles 1-Golden Pair vs Yagyuu/Niou
    Singles 3- Fuji(or Ryoma) vs Renji
    Singles 2- Ryoma (or Fuji) vs Sanada
    Singles 1- Tezuka vs Yukimura

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    Since I failed utterly at predicting the semi-final line-ups, I'll give my self 3 chances this time (Hehehe..) :

    First of all, what I'd like to see:

    Doubles 2: Momo/Eiji vs. Jackal/Yagyuu

    Two base-liners for Rikkai. This could turn into an indurance match, but it would be fun watching Momo and Eiji jumping around. ^_^; I would have placed the Golden Pair in Doubles 1 for a rare win, but that would mean that Seigaku would have to lose either Singles 3 or 2, which I won't accept unless it's Ryouma... Hey, that's an idea! OK, I'll try that for my next scenario.

    Doubles 1: Inui/Kaidou vs. Renji/Niou

    I'd say those are the two Rikkadai players with most doubles sense. Very hard match which Seigaku loses, but not before inflicting long term back injuries on Niou (from having to run around and deal with all the Snake variations). ^_^;

    Singles 3: Ryouma vs. Akaya

    I still say there's space for improvement for Akaya. Maybe give him a new technique and better control over the SoSA. Nonetheless, a win for Seigaku to start off the match-ups.

    Singles 2: Fuji vs. Sanada

    Fuji shows how futile it is to go against him when he's serious by beating a Sanada who's attained the Pinnacle of Hard Effort. @_@;

    Singles 1: Tezuka vs. Yukimura

    Yukimura turns out to be both a spin and control demon (like Tezuka) who can manipulate SoSA to move between the Pinnacle of Hard Effort and Pinnacle of Wisdom. After a hard fought battle, Tezuka wins by achieving the... Pinnacle of Perfection. Hehehe... Wouldn't that burst Ryouma's bubble? Unless he achieves it in the semis against Kintarou. -_-

    I'll post my other scenarios later.

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    Eventhough Konomi likes to exggerate Ryoma's talents by putting him up against a team's strongest player, I doubt that he will get to play Yukimura cz the storyline favours his battle against Sanada. Plus it has been awhile since both of them had a match and Konomi would probably also want to highlight Sanada's progress since that finals where he lost. About the others, I am not sure...but I hope we will see a Tezuka Vs Yukimura match. It would be nice to see Marui a.k.a "Jirou's idol" go up against Fuji in singles.

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    here's what i think:

    first, i considered the possible match-ups of each member of seigaku, except for kawamura because i think he wont participate in the finals

    the way i see it, he will play singles. i think the only possible match-up for him is either yukimura or a kirihara who can now use muga freely. i doubt we'll get a repeat of ryoma vs sanada.

    as someone metioned somewhere i cant remember now, fuji's 4 counters coincidentially match in number with sanada's 4 techniques. hence i think he will play singles against sanada.

    now he's the tricky one. since against shitenhouji he will be playing doubles, i think that it might mean tezuka will be playing doubles against rikkai. however it terms of match-up, i think he should be matched against yukimura in a captain vs captain match. but this will be possible only in a singles match since i doubt yukimura will play doubles. so the big question for me is whether tezuka will play singles or doubles.

    Golden Pair:
    i believe oishi and eiji will definitely play again being the best doubles of seigaku. as for match-up, eiji's net play matches against marui's and oishi and jackal are both baseline supporters. so i think its GP vs marui and jackal.

    he's match is definitely yanagi. however another singles match between them will be redundant, so i would suggest that they will play doubles against each other.

    im guessing niou, trickster vs trickster?

    yagyuu i think, just because of the chapter when they played doubles with each other.

    hence what i'd like to see in the finals is
    s3: fuji vs sanada
    d2: (inui & momoshiro vs yanagi & niou) or (inui & kaidou vs yanagi & yagyuu)
    s2: ryoma vs kirihara
    d1: GP vs marui & jackal
    s1: tezuka vs yukimura

    then in my perfect world ryoma will lose :P
    though im thinking saigaku will win s3, d1 & s1

    but what i am expecting to see is
    s3: momoshiro vs niou
    d2: GP vs marui & jackal
    s2: fuji vs sanada
    d1: tezuka & inui vs kirihara & yanagi
    s1: ryoma vs yukimura

    so im expecting seigaku to win s2,d1,s1
    just to explain why kirihara in doubles, its just because i think kirihara doesnt match well against any other single players and he has been tragetting tezuka before...

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    Maybe they won't play Rikkai in the finals!!!

    Wouldn't that be crazy, but they will

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    Quote Originally Posted by sora11
    Maybe they won't play Rikkai in the finals!!!

    Wouldn't that be crazy, but they will
    Thats why I said "IF" seigaku goes to the finals... Konomi-sensei might not get the prince's team over the Shitenhouji abyss...

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    I think sora11 meant that Rikkai Dai might fall to Nagoya (the team that beat Yamabuki) or Kuroshio. Even though we haven't heard a thing about these teams, Konomi might just decide to surprise us.

    That would be a pity, though, since we haven't seen what Yukimura can do. That's why I don't think it's very likely.


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