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    Well I didn't think of it that way, which I as you highly doubt. Anyways I didn't mean it with any kind of ironic mock I'm not that kind of person. `:P

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    yeah. what if Nagoya Seitoku actually comes out good in the semis.

    anyways, here are my predictions for the three singles matches if ever Seigaku and Rikkai faces each other in the finals:

    Tezuka Kunimitsu vs Yanagi Renji
    Fuji Syuusuke vs Sanada Genichirou (this is a must!!!)
    Echizen Ryoma vs Yukimura Seiichi

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    Edit: I accidentally posted this twice.
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    Yeah, I know you didn't. But in any case, I'm getting nervous that Konomi might actually have Nagoya Seitoku beat Rikkai Dai Fuzoku just for the surprise factor! *Gets ready to stage a peaceful protest if he does.*

    Anyway, I gave the lineups I'd like to see the first time, now here are two I think might happen:

    S3: Tezuka vs. Kirihara

    Yeah, I know, this should be pointless, but Konomi just might use it for that surprise he always likes to deliver *Cough* however ridiculous *Cough* the scenario might be *Cough*. Ahem.

    Well, Kirihara matches up with his "target", and he seemingly has the upper hand, until Tezuka starts using Tezuka Zone and Zero-Shiki. Then Kirihara starts using Kagerou Zutsumi to cancel out Tezuka Zone (He's capable of controlling SoSA by now), only for Tezuka to sweep him with the Pinnacle of Hard Effort. Kirihara puts up a fight till the end (don't ask me how), but finally loses.

    D2: Inui x Momoshiro vs. Yanagi x Niou

    A pair of like minded players. Inui and Momo put up a collossal fight (with their combination of agility, strength and quick thinking), but Yanagi and Niou prove too powerful.

    S2: Fuji vs. Sanada

    I'm using this one again because I think it's plausible. Fuji, using his quadruple counters, forces Sanada into trying all four techniques of his Fuurinkazan for the first time anyone can remember. Fuji doesn't mess around and breaks all of them, forcing Sanada into using the SoSA. After faltering for a bit, Fuji again cancels out every thing Sanada can throw at him and is on the verge of victory, only for Sanada to start using the Pinnacle of Hard Effort in the last minutes (maybe a tie-breaker) and win before Fuji starts getting the hang of it. Alternately, Fuji could win against even that (triggering gasps on how he's surpassed all others and that this is finally, like always, the "real" Fuji) in which case the next match is a loss for Seigaku.

    D1: Golden Pair vs. Marui x Yagyuu

    The Golden Pair's last stand. Their doubles play reaches new heights, but they still struggle against the now even more refined genius of Marui (who can now use a perfect Zero-Shiki Drop Shot as well as his other net techniques) and Yagyuu's strengthened baseline play (he can now use Tezuka Zone, or I guess Yagyuu Zone). These trigger comments that the Golden Pair feel like they're playing against Tezuka, Horio starts whining at how it's impossible to win, and Seigaku rally to say that Oishi and Kikumaru will just have to surpass Tezuka *Snort*. They go into Synchro and barely win the match. Alternatively, they could lose (again) in which case Fuji wins his match against Sanada.

    S1: Echizen vs. Yukimura

    The nerve-grinding, stress-building, blood pressure-raising, insanity-inducing, muscle cramp-causing (OK, I'll stop now) matchup Konomi would love to irritate us with. Echizen starts off strongly, Yukimura starts countering him (returning Drives A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, Cool, Hot and Awesome), both go into the SoSA, Yukimura uses the Pinnacle of Wisdom/Pinnacle of Hard Effort alternately at will to start crushing Echizen, who is pushed into finally using the Pinnacle of Perfection (at match point of course) to win the Nationals.

    Phew, I'll try to post the other scenario later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hehehaha
    Echizen starts off strongly, Yukimura starts countering him (returning Drives A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, Cool, Hot and Awesome), .
    OMG!!!!! That was hilarious.... I'm still laughing! Oh god...the voices... stop them...hahaha....-

    I really dont think echizen will play Yukimura... actually i dont want him to... but I do like the idea of the rikkai doubles line up... in fact they seem more probable than the original ones... sooo my line up's double matches would be:

    D1= Momo/Inui x Marui/Yagyuu

    D2= Eiji/ Kaidoh x Niou/Yangi Renji

    Anyways I still leave my singles unnafected:

    S1= Tezuka x Yukimura (Tokio's finest!)

    S2= Fuji x Sanada (Counter Quad vs FuRinKaZan)

    S3= Ryoma x Akaya (The revenge!)

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    Doubles 2: Inui-Kaidoh vs Renji and somebody :P
    Singles 3: Fuji vs Sanada
    Doubles 1: Golden Pair VS the trickster's team that played against Seigaku, can't remember their names
    Singles 2: Ryoma vs Kirihara
    Singles 1: Tezuka vs Yukimura

    oops wrong order, doesnt mater ^^

    Probably the 3 singles will win (again)

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    Seigaku vs. Rikkaidai
    S3: Fuji vs. Sanada
    D2: Kaidoh/Inui vs. Marui/Jackal
    S2: Echizen vs. Yukimura
    D1: Golden Pair vs. Yanagi/Yagyuu
    S1: Tezuka vs. Kirihara

    S3: Sanada wins by using Pinnacle of Hard Work (what Tezuka uses)
    D2: Marui/Jackal wins (these guys didn't even take off their wrist weights last time!)
    S2: Echizen wins with Pinnacle of Perfection
    D1: Golden Pair wins (they really need it, they lose way too often)
    S1: Kirihara wins with Pinnacle of Perfection

    I'm sure some of you are saying WTF right now, but this prediction is based one of PoT's general themes of the younger generation beating out the older generation. Thus, it would make it a more open ended for Kirihara and Echizen to look forward to next year.

    Also, I personally think that Kirihara really needs (and will get) a win somewhere. He beat a Tachibana who wasn't going all out, but lost to everybody else even though he's made more appearances and developed more than any other Rikkai member.
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    well i believe since the golden pair was put on reserve during the semi finals there is a very high chance that they will play doubles for the last time in the finals and will win.

    Inui wouldnt be playing i think. Inui might go for Doubles with Kaido if Fuji will play singles.

    Fuji might be paired again on doubles or might go head to head against Sanada. There is a very low chance that he would play against Yukimura and Kirihara. If Fuji would be paired in doubles, chances are that he would play with Kaido, Momo or Takamura.

    Ryoma for sure will play on singles and Tezuka too. Ryoma might be fighting Sanada or Yukimura. But the chance that Ryoma would be playing against Yukimura is high because Ryoma already went against Sanada unless Sanada wants a revenge but Sanada also wants to go head to head against his "Rival" Tezuka.

    In the line up of Seigaku, only Tezuka and (sad to say) Ryoma can defeat Yukimura.

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    I think final set of matches will be Seigaku vs Rikkaidai.

    The the golden pair will stage a comeback for doubles 1. Doubles 2 will be Momo and Kaido

    Singles 3: Echizen vs Kirihara
    Singles 2: Fuji vs Sanada
    Singles 1: Tezuka vs Yukimura

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    i also think the final match would be seigaku vs rikaidai.. well, this is actually not my lineup prediction, it's just the lineup i want..

    S3: Fuji vs Sanada
    it seems this one gonna be interesting

    Result: win, fuji never loses in singles matches

    D2: Inui Eiji vs Yanagi Marui
    Inui has a history with Yanagi
    and i wanna see Eiji fighting Marui, since they both lacked stamina (well, Eiji used to) but anyway.. volley and acrobatic genius are just so cool.. if only there is one more slot for singles.. i wanna see them go one on one.. XD

    Result: lose, i just wanna see Marui Bunta wins, cus i like his techniques even though they are BS XD

    S2: Tezuka vs Yukimura
    both are the captain, both were injured, both were not there at the finals of the Kantou tournament..

    Result: i can't imagine tezuka losing.. i think the author won't let it happen

    D1: Momoshiro Kaidoh vs Yagyuu Niou
    Kaidoh did double once with Yagyuu i think so they kinda have a history together.. -_-, and momoshiro because Oishi is injured..

    Result: lose, because they are meant to lose.. since Echizen needs to play

    S1: Echizen vs Kirihara
    i just dun want him to face either yukimura or sanada.. besides.. i think kirihara is a pretty good player anyway..

    Result: win, cus he's the main character, Ryoma must win cus the author said so, and it's the end of tournament, no more chance for revenge.. so Seigaku must win at all cost..

    after that Ryoma will go to the US

    and i'm predicting they won't release something for when Ryoma is in second year at Seigaku.. cus almost all the cool people are in 3rd years.. and with them gone.. i will just stop reading..


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