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    Ultimate Buchou Alliance Team:
    S1 Tezuka Kunimitsu (hes the only one worth to lead all the Buchous, 20 laps!)
    S2 Atobe Keigo
    S3 Shiraishi Kuranosuke
    D1 Yukimura Seiichi + Sanada Genichirou (yeah, I guess Sanada isn't a captain, don't disagree? he'll slap you!)
    D2 Tachibana Kippei + Kite Eishirou (both leaders of dark horses)

    Wild Team:
    Tooyama Kintarou
    Tachibana Kippei (Lions/Moujuu Aura + his violent tennis style + his Abare Dama "Wild Ball")
    Kite Eishirou
    Akutsu Jin + Kawamura Takashi (epic!)
    Kirihara Akaya + Kaidoh Kaoru (Devil Mode + Short Snakes!)

    Power Team:
    S1 Kawamura Takashi <--Japan's Strongest, At least I believe, do you believe?
    S2 Tooyama Kintarou (Super Ultra Great Delicious All Out Mountain Storm!!! Stronger than Gin's 108th style)
    S3 Sanada Genichirou (Strike like Lightning Rai + Ka Invade like Fire)
    D1 Tezuka Kunimitsu (PoHW + Tezuka Zone = constant punishment) + Kabaji Munehiro (can Kabaji copy his partner? Kabaji + PoHW)
    D2 Ishida Tetsu + Ishida Gin (Hadoukyuu brothers)

    Eww... Bobby Max, I was gonna put him on b/c can't think of any else. Good!

    Flying Team:
    S1 Kikumaru Eiji
    S2 Atobe Keigo (Rondo Towards Destruction looks cool + graceful)
    S3 Hiyoshi Wakashi (his enbu tennis)
    D1 Tooyama Kintarou (his backflips and somersaults) + Echizen Ryoma (Cyclone Smash + he's short so hes has to jump alot)
    D2 Momoshiro Takeshi (Dunk Smash/Super Great Momoshiro Dunk Smash Special) + Kawamura Takashi (Jump Hadokyuu, scary thought)

    On the Bench: Mukahi Gakuto, Sanada Invade like Fire, and Akaya can also fly I guess, but eh. Sengoku can dunk smash/serve but didn't he change to boxing style? or is that anime only?

    First Years Team
    S1 Hori Satoshi (so he can die from other teams S1s!!!)
    S2 Tooyama Kintarou
    S3 Aoi Kentarou
    D1 Echizen Ryoma + Dan Taichi (Dan copied basic Echizen in anime: twist, split, drive A+B, maybe lil more) = Double Echizens!
    D2 Kato Kachiro + Mizuno Katsuo (boring, but only guys that I can think of, maybe they can hold each other and cry)

    Service Ace Team:
    S1 Tezuka Kunimitsu (comon... Zero Shiki Serve!!!)
    S2 Atobe Keigo (Tannhauser Serve)
    S3 Hirakoba Rin (Habu)
    D1 Ootori Choutarou + Inui Sadaharu (Neo Scud + Water Fall!)
    D2 Fat Big Bang Serve Guy (yes, he does not deserve a name!!!) + Kite Eishirou (taught fat guy Big Bang) = Double Big Bang!

    South Paw Only Team:
    S1 Chitose Senri
    S2 Niou Masaharu
    S3 Ishida Gin
    D1 Tezuka Kunimitsu + Kite Eishirou
    D2 Kai Yuujirou + Fuji Yuuta (the South Paw Killer) All Viking Horns and Twist Shots

    Copy Team:
    S1 Atobe Keigo (well if he plays someone in SoSA form like Echizen, he would have to be S1 to play someone w/ SoSA random moves I guess.)
    S2 Wakato Hiroshi (anime, change over guy, copys various pros, copied snake + tried boomerang snake)
    S3 Kabaji Munehiro
    D1 Echizen Ryoma + Dan Tachi (Dan copied basic Echizen in the anime, not sure about manga)
    D2 Niou Masaharu + Hitouji Yuuji (copied tornado snake) = very tricky pair, perhaps act gay too?

    On the Bench: Kevin Smith, Echizen clone + was able to copy cyclone smash.

    Spin Masters:
    S1 Fuji Shuusuke
    S2 Tezuka Kunimitsu (Tezuka Zone + Zero Shiki)
    S3 Ibu Shinji (Spot + Twist serve)
    D1 Kaido Kaoru + Hirakoba Rin(Habu) = Snakes everywhere!!!
    D2 Kai Yuujirou + Fuji Yuuta = All Viking Horns and Twist Shots

    On the Bench: Kirihara does have knuckle serve + short snake

    Net Play:
    S1 Kikumaru Eiji (the best)
    S2 Marui Bunta (I wanna see this)
    S3 Mukahi Gakuto (hmm... he has bad stamina, not sure how he'll do. maybe put him in doubles) Moonsault is awesome though.
    D1 Kirihara Akaya (well he likes spending his time there) + Akutsu Jin (you don't want him at the net) = You don't want to be on the court at all.
    D2 Akutagawa Jirou (falling down all the time = Magic Volley!) + Echizen Ryoma (Drive A + B + D and Zero Shiki Dropo Shoto!) = Magic set up and Echizen Finish.

    Fast Feet Team, Superior Movement:
    S1 Kikumaru Eiji (Seal Step, he has to be S1)
    S2 Kite Eishirou (Shukuchihou in all directions!!!)
    S3 Kamio Akira (I'm Riding the Rhythm!!!)
    D1 Kaidoh Kaoru (unbeatable endurance) + Kuwahara Jackal (Nickname: "Man with Four Lungs") = double boomerangs!
    D2 Shishido Ryou (dashes + fall everywhere) + Akutsu Jin (always sliding) Jin appreciates Shishido's determination after Shishido saves a ball that passed Jin, then they both cover for each other.

    On the Bench: Oshitari Kenya, could of paired up w/ Kamio (his speed and Gin's Power were greater then Fudomine's Kamio and I

    Edit: Changed "Honorable Mention" to "On the Bench" + bolded teams.
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    ^It took me some work to do that, anyone want to comment/make a team/at least glance at it? I don't mean to sound whiny but I guess I am.
    Living the High Life.

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    ^You are. If anyone wanted to do it, they would have done so already without prompting :P

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    The teams look interesting, you put a lot of effort in it. And I thought I was a crazy pot fan :P. Hopefully the new ds game supports wifi, so we can play with our teams

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    Yeah, my original plan was to wait until someone noticed, but I was being stupid and impatient this morning :X I regret posting that, it makes me look like a jerk/whiny person. I thought this morning that everyone is ignoring those posts because I spammed the whole Stop Tazmo Prince of Tennis Forum. I should of just waited.

    I want a Wii Prince of Tennis game. One of my goals in life.
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    Singles 3: Tezuka
    Doubles 2: Fuji and Sanada
    Singles 2: Yukimura
    Doubles 1:Golden Pair
    Singles 1: Ryoma

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    Singles 1 - Yukimura
    Singles 2 - Sanada
    Singles 3 - Tezuka
    Doubles 1 - Yanagi/Kirihara
    Doubles 2 - Eiji/Oishi

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    S1:Yukimura or ryoma
    D2:Marui & Jackal
    S3: Sanda or atobe
    your movements were really bad... #slapps everyone, even sanada#

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    S1: Yukimura
    S2: Tezuka
    S3: Sanada
    D1: Golden Pair
    D2: Kaidoh x Kirihara

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    D2 : Shinji Ibu & Ryoh Kisarazu (Stylish Pair)

    D1 : Shiraishi Kuranosuke & Masaharu Nioh (Coolest Pair Ever)

    S3 : Syuusuke Fuji (the Prodigy)

    S2 : Keigo Atobe (the King)

    S1 : Yukimura Seiichi (the Child of God)

    reserve : Echizen Ryoma (the Prince)


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