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    Default make your own OP character thread

    Screw overly complex theories. I wanna be creative.

    I just don't have any art skills...

    I'll make a pineapple head guy. His name is Pochocho. He has the ability to be really bouncy. I think it's DF. His trademark quote is "Hachachachacha" and he loves to exaggerate. He likes beer and tortilla chips. He hates tea and cake. He has a short temper and can go on tantrums. But he has a good sense of humor too and loves jokes and pranks.
    He travels the seas as a pirate in the Grand Line. His current bounty is 57 million. He has around 20 crewmembers. His nakama are family to him, and he's like their elder bother.
    His first mate is a man who has his own sense of justice and principles. He has a bad habit of facing the wrong way when talking. His name is Janboro.

    Owell, I'd add more but I might be taking away all the good ideas.

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    My own OP character is 2 m tall, skinny and dark blonde. He is usualy lazy and thinks that this fighting thing is to much hassle to do every day but when he gets serious, he is a walking catastroph. Not a DF user, a boxer with seastone knuckles. Faster than a rokushiki user and stronger than maremen he is a Marine Captain of one of the minor bases. Although he is a good person, he suffers from lack of ambition. His name is Lance Ryal. He loves women and good food. His favourite fruit is pinaple and orange.
    Fight or die!!!!!!

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    Thinking about sea stone, maybe due to overwhelming DF user, maybe char with the power to manipulate and create sea stone will be wonderful addition to OP series......some one who has attitude that opposite to the luffy... a very shrewed tactician maybe......

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    My character would be an extreme martial artist who has trained all his life and has been nicknamed as 'the invincible' he is part of the whitebeard pirates and is Edward Newgate's right hand man. Apart from that though he enjoys training, eating and looking cool and has a tendency to call Whitebeard Neddy to Whitebeards displeasure. He's really competetive, loyal and carefree.

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    My OP character would be a Roy the Gambler. Always wearing black jacket and he have white hairs. His parent's were pirates and died, leaving him and his sister alone. He was earning money working in casino, but when he was 15 and his sister was 10m the village he lived (West Blue) was attracked by the Silver Haired pirates.
    Joker, the captain of this pirate crew, was a gambler too, so Roy challanged him for a poker match. If he wins, Joker will leave the village, if he lose, he will become a pirate. He lost ;p.
    After 5 years Joker was defeated by Gold D. Roger but Roy had already had a bounty: 30.000 . After a year, he turned himself to marines and he helped marines to find other members of silver pirates (he never liked them). He was forgiven and now he is running a casino in one of the Grand Line islands.
    He learnt how to fight using poker card (those sharp edges han kill ;p) and he learnt how to predict enemies attack by watching his legs/eyes/arm movement (It's usefull in playing cards to, he can say beforehanded ig the opponent have strong cards). his favourite quote "I will 'bet' on it" and "It's kinda Hazardous". He was earning legally money but one day he met Strawhat Luffy who is chased by marines...... to be continued ;p

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    MY OP chara is a guy who ve white hairs and called Duron the White Snake and isn't a old man. He was a Df user too, tpe zoan. he can transform in a snake man (like oruchimaru from nauto) and can spie poisen. his bounty was about 97 million berry. his crew is about 5 peoples big. all of them are DF users too, so they call themselfs zoo pirates.
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    Mine is a secret top admiral behind Sengoku. She's got the power of telekinetics, thus she's able to create even a cyclon.
    She doesn't wear any hat, but her hair is short and dark golden and her eyes are black. She doesn't act usually feminish, in the fact, she doesn't give a damn about the gender. She loves eat and sleep.
    But she's got a dream, the one no one can ever imagine. To master the darkness and lightness. And control them.
    She doesn't care about the marines nor the pirates. She isn't interested in their identify, she just kill the bad ones off and befriends the good ones. Her name is Shirotaro. She wears black clothes and Marine's cloak.




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