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    Default RIP (Latest RAW Discussion Thread)


    Uhh... wrong button. Was cleaning and... yeah. Sorry guys.

    Anyway... This is the thread for talking about the latest and greatest chapter of One Piece, the RAW version, hot off the presses. Speculate, oooh and ahhhh, clap your hands and jump for joy, or just sit there with your mouth hanging open at that amazing looking power shot... even though you have no idea what the rest of it means.


    Sorry again. ><

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    Well, at least when people want to use it, it'll be here.

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    Default chapter 406

    Chapter 406 is finally out! Franky beats that fat Cp9 agent (can't remember his name) and Chopper is getting his butt kicked by the long haired Cp9 agent. A lot of action in this chapter...can't wait for the translation.
    Oh, if you want the chapter just check out the Latest/Manga/Anime download thread

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    you guys can read the raw here:

    they did a spelling mistake 496 = 406

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    Translation by Zede05
    Based on Jojo's translation.
    Scanlation free-for-all.
    Feel free to edit to make it better.

    One Piece
    Chapter 406 "Life Returns"

    Name of Miss Goldenweek's Plan: "Meet Baroque" Vol. 36:
    [Nice girl, artist, and a bartender]

    Page 1
    Fukurou: ...
    Franky: ...!

    Franky: ...What are you doing...?
    Franky: Get me to the shore quick so I can finish you off!
    Fukurou: Chapapapa

    Page 2
    Fukurou: Hphuuu...
    Fukurou: ...!
    Fukurou: Just shut up! I'm going to seal up that stinkin' mouth of yours right about now!
    Franky: !

    Franky: Wahhh!
    Fukurou: Chapapapapapa!
    Franky: WAAAHHH!

    Fukurou: Super Cartwheel! Steel Jade!
    Fukurou: I'll use this speed and crush you into the tower!

    Page 3
    Franky: ...! So that was your plan!
    Franky: If I hit that wall, I'll go splat!
    Franky: "Franky"
    Franky: "Centaur!"
    Fukurou: Chapa!?

    Franky: I got your legs,
    Franky: now you can't move!
    Fukurou: !
    Fukurou: So what!
    Fukurou: You can't stop this momentum!

    Franky: Don't be so sure...
    Franky: 70mm, .02 bottle of coke cannon!
    Franky: Tiny tiny Coup de Vent!
    Fukurou: !

    Page 4
    Fukurou: Ahh ah!
    Fukurou: The momentum stopped!
    Fukurou: The rotation...also stopped!
    Fukurou: Damn it!

    Franky: This is far enough, we're on the bank now.
    Franky: Prepare yourself. 70mm aperture, MAX coke power!
    Franky: Super...
    Fukurou: What are you doing...!
    Fukurou: Bastard! What are you gonna do!
    Fukurou: Hn hn hn!

    Franky: !
    Franky: Aoohhhyah!
    Franky: Accept you fate!
    Franky: Coup de
    Franky: Vent!
    Fukurou: !

    Page 5-6
    Franky: ...!
    Franky: Hmn...
    Franky: SUUUPPPAA!!
    Tower: !

    Page 7
    Someone: Help!
    Sound: Pahh lah!
    Sound: Wahh
    Sound: Ahh

    Zoro: Huff
    Zoro: Huff!
    Zoro: Where the hell's the #2 key!
    Sogeking: Wahh ahhhahhhhhh!
    Sogeking: Kah
    Sogeking: Kahh

    Sogeking: Zoro! I can't do it! I'm too tired! Carry me!
    Sogeking: Huff
    Sogeking: Huff
    Zoro: Go die!
    Jabura: Shigun!
    Kaku: !

    Page 8
    Kaku: What are you doing!
    Jabura: You were planning to hit me just then!
    Kaku: What? Want to fight? Bring it on!
    Kaku: I think you're getting in my way...!

    Jabura: Hehheh, my sentiment exactly you stupid herbivore!
    Kaku: Shut it!
    Kaku: I'm a carnivore!
    Zoro: I've got a way to get the cuffs off.
    Sogeking: !
    Zoro: Lets do rock-paper-scissors.
    Sogeking: Ah!?
    Zoro: If one person

    Zoro: cuts off his hand.
    Sogeking: Please don't say something this horrifying with a straight face!
    Zoro: Let me finish.
    Sogeking: ?
    Zoro: Then that person...
    Zoro: can quickly go find Chopper and have him sow it together again.
    Sogeking: Don't mistake me for a ragdoll!
    Sogeking: Your head must be filled with just water!

    Page 9
    Zoro: ...
    Zoro: I've got another idea.
    Sogeking: Please just shut up!

    Jabura: !
    Kaku: Ah...

    Zoro: Remember! Sogeking! Keep this posture!
    Zoro: You are a...katana!
    Sogeking: I'm going to get a lawyer
    Sogeking: and sue you one of these days!

    Page 10
    Kumadori: Al-right!
    Kumadori: Hm!
    Chopper: This is the first time I've met someone so lacking in self-control!
    Chopper: You became so fat in just minutes!

    Kumadori: Ah-don't-worry-about-me!
    Chopper: Who's worried! Can't you talk normally!?
    Kumadori: I'm-al-right!

    Kumadori: Just-watch-me!
    Kumadori: Life returns!
    Kumadori: Digest!
    Chopper: Ah! He became skinny!
    Kumadori: Intake!
    Chopper: He became normal!

    Page 11
    Chopper: My god! What the heck are you!?
    Chopper: What did you just do!?
    Kumadori: I've been living among mountains and seas for thousands of years.
    Kumadori: Meditating and letting go of every bone to open the way to the sky.
    Kumadori: And that's how I mastered life returns.

    Kumadori: Including the hair, organs, finger nails, skin hair...
    Kumadori: Everyone should strive for full consciousness of the full body through thought! As long as the heart is at peace, then the entire body could be easily controlled!

    Chopper: Even hair can be controlled by thought!?
    Chopper: ...
    Chopper: I read about this type of ability in a book before...
    Chopper: I think it's called body feedback or something...
    Chopper: Then does that mean you're using that ability to control your octopus hair!?
    Kumadori: A-yoi-what-octopus-so-disrespect-ful! You need to praise me as the powerful...

    *Jojo's translation for page 11 is really confusing, they wrote it with a freakin' ton of old Chinese that made no sense.

    Page 12
    Kumadori: Lion!
    Kumadori: Ahyoi!
    Kumadori: Fear-some! Ayoi-s-trong!

    Chopper: ...!
    Kumadori: Life returns
    Kumadori: Inescapable web!
    Chopper: Wahh!

    Page 13
    Chopper: I can't get caught in that!
    Kumadori: Soru!
    Chopper: Where did he go!?

    Chopper: Woahhhh!
    Chopper: That staff's not even sharp and it did that!
    Sound: Shhhhhhhhh

    Page 14
    Kumadori: Q!
    Kumadori: Q!
    Kumadori: Q!
    Chopper: Wahhhh!
    Chopper: Bastard!

    Chopper: Heavy punch!
    Kumadori: Tekkai!

    Kumadori: Go-od.
    Chopper: That hurt!
    Chopper: Oww!

    Page 15
    Chopper: ...!
    Chopper (thinking): Damn it...! Looks like if I don't pull out arm point and horn point, I won't keep up with him!
    Chopper (thinking): ...But the effects of a rumbleball's too strong! I need to wait 6 hours before taking another or my body won't handle it!

    Chopper (thinking): If I eat a second one, it'll disrupt the wavelength of my body and I'm not sure I'll be able to have control!
    Chopper: ...
    Chopper (thinking): A third one in a roll and I'll probably lose my mind.
    Chopper (thinking): What do I do...!? Maybe I can handle another one!

    Kumadori: Ayoi-I'm-going-to-cut-you-into-ground-meat!
    Kumadori: Lion birth growth!
    Chopper: I can't waste any time!
    Chopper: Rumbleball!

    Page 16
    Chopper: Even though it comes with great risk, it's also an opportunity!
    Chopper: It's a gamble! I'm going to defeat you within 3 minutes!
    Chopper: Watch!
    Chopper: Horn...

    Chopper: point!
    Kumadori: Fi-ne!
    Chopper: Oh no! Wrong transformation!

    Chopper: That was close!
    Kumadori: ...!
    Chopper: Damn it!
    Kumadori: Birch growth!
    Chopper: !
    Chopper: Jumping...
    Chopper: point!
    Chopper: Ah!

    Page 17
    Chopper: !
    Chopper: Gahhh!

    Chopper: !
    Kumadori: Al-right.

    Kumadori: Al-right!
    Chopper (thinking): This won't do, I can't control the transformations at all!
    Chopper (thinking): Damn it! I need to use arm point no matter what!
    Chopper (thinking): If I could just put all my energy into one cutting hoof strike!

    Page 18
    Chopper (thinking): The fire in this room's getting out of control, I can't stay here and waste time with a keyless guy.
    Chopper (thinking): I need to find the #2 key and go help Zoro and Sogeking...! Then we can save Robin!

    Kumadori: You're a pretty tough bastard!
    Kumadori: Life returns
    Chopper: His hair changed into handshapes...?
    Chopper (thinking): I need to focus! I can't lose here!
    Chopper (thinking): I'm their only hope!

    Kumadori: Lion shigun!
    Chopper: !?
    Chopper: Wahhah!

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    Very interesting, I can't wait to see what else chopper comes up with.

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    yup....very interesting indeed....can't wait for Chopper Vs Kumadori fight...

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    Ms. Goldenweek
    Chopper learning accupuncture.
    Sogeking sword.
    Franky centaur.
    Oda is a genius.
    'nuff said.
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    HEy look they have low quality post up now :P

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    Three words: Rumble Ball three


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