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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard
    You counter it with gomu gomu baku
    I think that we will see a lot of fights inside strawhat crew in arc where will appear Mr. Doflamingo...
    Zorro vs Sanji,or Zorro vs Luffy...I cant wait
    gomu gomu baka or whatever doesn't work as he controls the body (i think..)
    but the fights will be interesting because we will see each person of the crew fight the others

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    Ah, another fun topic. Seems there have been some great posts too. Hmm, where to start...gotta love these "ZOMG WHO IS TEH STRRONGEST?!!!oneone" topics.

    Spoilers below.

    As far as we know, Logia-type fruits have been deemed the strongest...I believe this is true because any fruit which allows you to manipulate not only certain elements but your own body at will makes you nigh-invincible to most forms of average combat (swords, guns, etc). However, almost like Pokemon, certain elements have weaknesses (often times overly simplified ones too, like Luffy defeating Croc with water or the candy guy with flour) which can be exploited. Often times without exploiting these weaknesses Luffy cannot win against some opponents...strange how no one has yet really found one for him. Anyway, no matter how strong people like Lucci, Luffy, Zoro, or even Mihawk get they can't really touch something that can piece itself together when cut/crushed/hit. Alternate (often cheap and ridiculous) methods must be used.

    BUT, and there's always a "but", the water stuff that Smoker and the Marines have which limits Devil Fruit powers can defeat anyone as far as I know, so at that point any normal human would have an edge. With the CP9 (and Zoro/Sanji) we've seen that humans can become outrageously powerful too without DFs (which is why I was disappointed when Spandam offered Kaku and Califa DFs). I mean, as far as we know Zoro is just about even with Luffy, it's just that Luffy gets the main fights cuz he's the main char. Remember that 200-something filler arc where Zoro is briefly possessed? He takes this huge kick from Sanji like it was nothing--argue with me, but Zoro is stronger than Sanji to an extent.

    Getting off-topic...anyway, sometimes DF powers can be outrageously overpowered or weird, but in the end Oda balances them out with a global weakness, one that apparently the World Government can exploit. Which leads me to believe that the Supreme Admiral isn't a DF user, and hopefully not Whitebeard either (or Gol D. Roger).

    I found Ao Kiji's power interesting...water (H2O) is always in the air so he can materialize just about anywhere at will. Plus, if he can freeze the ocean, that might possibly rule out being thrown into the sea or whatnot. I'm eager to see what the other two admirals have to offer.

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    hmm, if the strongest fruit means most stronger in physic

    it is zoan

    but, if it means the most powerful, i think Don Quixote's is
    The world without me is like human without brain.....
    You'll Regret Approaching Me.....
    Taking high density of killing intention...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagara2
    Do you think it would be contradictory if someone had a Devil Fruit that could control water?

    Well, I guess on land it would work, but what if he was about ot fall into the ocean. Could he part the water.

    Better yet, what if he could turn into water. I guess it would negate and he'd probably die.
    yeah, water rules. No matter how strong you r, get in water then u stuck. Cro get beaten buy fluffy only with the help of water. So like other Logia fruit, when you get wet by water or sink into the sea, then later bro, you are death for sure.

    One thing I use to think about, isnt White Beard ate Big Fuk'n Giant fruit since he look 10 times as big as a normal person?

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    PErhaps all devil fruit powers are equal and the power of a devil fruit is a reflection of the owner's power like eneru was like all god-powerful and stuff but could also fight and kick luffy's ass. SO it's all about how you use your devil fruit that matters

    Mysterious, no?

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    Maybe there will be a person who has eaten a time fruit and can stop time...then it's going to be Jojo all over again (they already had the "bomb" fruit)


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