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    Bellamy pissed me off so much. Good thing Luffy kicked his ass.

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    haha, ye, i love that whole part with luffy One-hit-k.o Bellamy, dam he got owned :P
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    Umm, i like teh funny moments in one piece best.....So...favorite moments are....

    Usopp SOund attack in Alabasta ARc, extremely funny
    Usopp Rubber Band, and that octopus flinching, lol
    Sogeking thing was pretty funny too, with taht whole Luffy saying, "he has a cape, so he must be a superhero"..
    THe whole CHopper hiding in wrong part of doorway, lol
    And the whole Foxy pirates arc is hilarious, definitely my favorite arc
    Oh, Sanji w/ his kitchen knives was pretty cool too

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    Hi this is my first post and I am very excited.
    My favorite One Piece moment was the entire Ussop vs. Luffy battle. Ussop fighting with all his heart, while injured, and Luffy answers with a heavy heart. Going Merry crying and especially the end when Zoro says "Heavy. That's what a Captian is... Don't Hesitate, if you can't be decisive who can we believe in?!!"
    This moment solidifies Luffy's position as a capitain. It is the first time Luffy made a decision and it hurt him profoundly. I loved it and it moved me.

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    Since So many people have refered to it
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    Moments like the one in the first post are the reason why I think OP is a cut above the rest of the stereotypical shonen action/adventure genre. The action may not always be as "cool" as some of the others, but there are times when it is written so well that you can't believe it's just a comic. How often do you come across instances where you connect to the characters so well? In OP, as it turns out, fairly often.

    It's stupid humor is also hilarious; like the aforementioned Usopp Noise, Mr. 2, the bit in alabasta when Luffy is told to only have one mouthful of water, and his cheeks are bulging like, two feet out... It's just so good, even when it's stupid.
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    One of my favourites is when Ussop got beaten up by Franky+family, and then Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper stand side by side all serious like.

    Another one is the one where they have a serious conversation and suddenly Luffy talks about a musician =D

    and diffinitely when they all stand on the pillars in the new chapters and the part where Gear 2 starts

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    So many memories...

    I loved Usopp and Chopper versus Mr 4. The main reason "I thought you were weak until now!"




    "Woah, Awesome!"


    Besides that, seeing Luffy take out Crocodile with the Gomu-Gomu no Storm...

    The music was perfect and matched with what I thought was a masterpiece.

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    Aside from those that you guys mentioned, i can't forget the part wherein young sanji finds out that chef red leg (?) gave all of his food to sanji, and has cut off his own leg for food. Man. That part really had me.

    And I always find funny the chapter wherein Luffy goes to the place where Gold D. Roger got executed and was almost executed as well. Haha. He didn't know at first that he was the one being executed, and then later he was just trying to scratch his nose and smiling crazily from the guillotine.

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    yeah, the scene with red leg was great :'(

    a scene i loved was when luffy, nami and usopp are at W7, just after selling their treasures, and luffy pretends to throw his case full of money in the water XD
    it's in french (couldn't bother to find it in english) but anyway, here is the result :
    >> morals : don't make silly jokes involving money if nami (and usopp) is near


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