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    Default One piece had its own forum, much like Naruto, Gantz, and Bleach, which I also read, so I thought it cant be that bad.

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    i start reading it because a enjoy the most the longets manga and i havo curiosity for the peoples coments

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    I've always been known to be a fast reader.. and anime watcher (i watch things in fast forward) and my friend Julie has always been known to be a collector of the newest manga/anime (well.. until she found j-pop). She used me as her tester to see if an anime or manga was worth watching or reading..

    One Piece happened to be one of many manga/animes she handed to me to watch. I always took myself to be someone who judges a book by its cover first.. so i couldn't stand reading it for the longest time.. but when i did, i fell hook line and sinker for Luffy, Nami, and Zoro's characters.. and their interaction.
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    J-pop fan with a weakness for manga.

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    i needed something to kill massive amounts of time... so i started OP

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    My friend said I was very similiar to a maincharacter in an anime. He said I was just like him, crazy, kinda stupid and looked very alike. So I asked him so send me some episodes. But back then there was only like 20 episodes out. So I started reading the manga. Which obviously was much better and had already come up to the Albasta-arc (I think...). And null-s homepage was UGLY! All black with white comic sans-font... But they kept scanlating so I was satisfied.

    what I'm trying to say is that I've been reading for some time.

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    Default The clover tricked me!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by crazydiamond
    I've known 1 piece for long, my friend keep telling me that it's very good and I should read it, but I always looked down on it, since the way its drawn is like for small kids, and also I had a bad experience with pirate-related manga (captain Kid), so one day he asked me to buy one of the volume (no 14) for him, and since i'm doing nothing, i had a read....i thought...oh well...better than staring at the wall.... and since then i got hooked....never thought that the story is this awesome...

    The same here...I known it for a good while before I started reading..because it looked ,so kiddie..I was trying not to read it..but then I saw that it reached to about 345 chaps..and I said "it's that much for a reason" and I started reading...after a few chaps..I was mad and happy at the same time..mad that I took ,so long to read it and happy that I was ,so late to read it ,so I didn't have to wait..

    One Piece just might be my fav m/a..........

    I am Blankname1


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