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Thread: 397 HQ RAW

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    Default 397 HQ RAW

    The new Chapter is out and GODDAMMIT IT ROCKS!!!!

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    exceptionnaly i'll read the raw
    i can't wait to see sauro frozen :P >.>

    and red dog

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    Inside Your Head


    nice, can't wait for the translation

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    Here's a Partial Translation by Sayajedi :

    ONE PIECE Ch. 397

    -- p. 1 --
    Miss GoldenWeek's "Operation: Meets Baroque" vol. 29: "Infiltrating the Detention Center by Pretending to be Captured"

    -- p. 2 --

    Saul: OOOOO [howling in pain/rage]

    -- p. 3 --

    [the next part appears to be confused chatter over DenDenMushi, but I'm not all that sure]
    Naval voices: What's going on?!!!
    It's Vice-Admiral Saul!!!
    Vice-Admiral Saul, who deserted along with Olvia, is attacking us!!!
    Why the hell is he here?!!
    We don't know!!!

    Scholar: This island's had it!!!
    Everything's going up in flames!!!

    Other Scholar: Save the books!!!
    We have to pass on this history!!!

    -- p. 4 --

    Scholar: Drop them from the window into the lake!!!
    It's better than losing them by burning!!!

    Robin: Sauro--!!! Stop it, already! You'll die!!!

    Scholar: Get the books out of the library!!!
    Even if it's just one, save as many books as you can!
    Even if it's just one, save as many articles as you can!
    The words of thousands of years of our predecessors are...!!!

    Clover/Olvia: {In order to reach the future...}

    -- p. 5 --
    Saul: Robin!!!
    You gotta get onto the rescue ship 'n' escape, right now!!!

    Robin: ...!!

    Saul: If you stay on this island,
    You'll be done for!!!!

    Robin: AAH!!!
    haa... haa...

    -- p. 6 --

    Robin: MOMMY--!!!

    Naval guy: Fire on Saul!!!

    Saul: Robin!!!
    What was yer ma's wish?!!!

    Olvia: {Stay alive, Robin!!!}

    People on ship: Get the rescue vessel underway!!!

    Robin: ...!!
    haa... haa...

    People on ship: Wait!! Someone's arrived!!!

    -- p. 7 --
    Townspeople: It's the demon!!!
    That demon girl's still on the island!!!

    Brat: That's right! Get outta here, demon!!!

    Adult: Hey! Don't say such stupid things!!

    Glasses guy: Whoa, wait, I know her!!! That girl belongs to Olvia, who was all over the papers...
    She's the criminal's daughter, isn't she?!!

    Bug-eyed guy: If we let her on the ship, maybe we'll get lit into, too!!

    Panicking guy: EH?!!

    Scarface: Don't say that, moron!! She's just a kid!!! Hurry up and pull her up!!

    Navy guy: Get a rope down--

    Townspeople: ...?!!

    Robin: It's all right! I can climb up by myself!!

    Random person/people: UWAAAAA!!! SHE'S A MONSTER!!!

    Woman: KYAAAAA!!!

    Man: DEMON!! DEMOOOON!!!

    Robin: !!!

    -- p. 8 --

    Spandine: Oh!!!
    I've found her--!!!
    [over loudspeaker] Rescue vessel!!! Do not let that brat onboard!!!
    She may be a runt, but she's an archaeologist!! She's marked as a target of our assault!!!

    Other CP9 (?) / Navy: Director Spandine!!

    Townspeople: ...Is-...!! Is that true?!!
    ...Look!!! If we let her on, we'll be in danger!!

    Robin: [sobbing]...!!

    Saul: Robin?!
    How could you say such a despicable thing...?!!

    -- p. 9 --

    Naval grunt: Director!!!
    Vice-Admiral Saul is headed this way!!!

    Spandine: Whoa!! So Vice-Admiral Saul was really on this island!!
    And we didn't even need to inquire of Olvia!!
    Fire!!! Fire!!! Attack!!!

    Kuzan: ICE BLOCK...
    PARTISAN (Guerrilla)!!!

    Saul: ?!!

    Robin: SAUL!!!

    Spandine: Kuzan, sir!!!

    Saul: ...! Kuzan!!!

    -- p. 10 --

    Kuzan: Oh my, oh my... to think that a Buster Call would be interrupted by a former Naval officer...
    Quite an abrupt shift, isn't it...?

    Saul: ...!!
    Kuzan...!! How can you take pride in an attack like this?!!

    Kuzan: ...

    People (navy?): Retreat!!

    Saul: Strange, ain't it?...!!!
    I reckon you know it, too!!! This is being made into an "example"...!!!
    That's why Ohara's being wiped out!!!

    Kuzan: If it is for the sake of the world from this point forward, then I have no choice.
    Actually, it isn't that the scholars broke the law...!!

    -- p. 11 --

    Kuzan: Things such as justice change their shape depending on the situation.
    Therefore, I am not making an indictment of your "justice"...
    Only, if you get in our way,
    We will not let you be...!!!

    Saul: Uwaa!!! The rescue ship blew up!!

    Robin: W...w!! Why?!!!

    Kuzan: An attack!!!
    From a battleship...!!
    From Vice-Admiral Sakazuki's ship!!!
    ...!! That damnable fool...!!

    -- p. 12 --

    Sakazuki: When you eliminate them, do so thoroughly...!!
    Should there be even one scholar lurking aboard that ship...
    then all these sacrifices will mean nothing...!!
    "Evil" exists, so you must eradicate it!!!

    Narration Box:
    Naval Headquarters Vice-Admiral
    (Future Admiral "Akainu")

    Robin: ...!!

    Saul: Is this something that Justice would do?...!!

    Kuzan: I have no intention of crossing the line as that fool did!!!

    Saul: We're gettin' outta here, Robin!!!
    His strength ain't normal!!!

    Robin: !!

    -- p. 13 --

    Navy types: Saul fled!!!
    He's got one of the scholars with him..!!!

    Kuzan: ICE TIME CAPSULE!!!

    Saul: ...!!!

    Robin: Saul!!!

    Saul: Guh...haa...
    Robin... You gotta get away...

    Robin: !?

    -- p. 14 --

    Saul: You gotta run, 's fast as you can!!!
    If you stay on the island, you won't live...!!! Anyway... set out to sea on my raft!!

    Robin: WHAT ABOUT YOU, SAUL?!!

    Saul: I can't go any farther. I'm caught!!
    Now, go!!!

    Robin: NO!!
    There's nobody for me out in the sea!!

    Saul: haa...
    Listen well, Robin...
    Right now, you're alone, but...!!
    Some day, I'm sure...
    You'll run across your "nakama"...

    Robin: Nakama...?

    Saul: The sea's a big place...
    Someday, I'm sure of it!!!
    Nakama who'll protect you will appear!!!

    -- p. 15 --

    Run, Robin!!!
    Don't look back!!!
    In painful times... remember what I taught you!!
    You gotta laugh like this:

    Robin: SAUL, LOOK OUT!!

    Kuzan: ICE TIME...

    Saul: Dereshishishishi

    Robin: SAUL!!!

    Saul: Dereshishi... No matter what see you're in... I'm sure they're waiting for you.

    Robin: WAAAAAAAH!!!

    -- p. 16 --

    Saul: { Live...
    along with them!!! }

    Kuzan: ...

    Scholars: It's too late...
    IT'S FALLING...!!!

    Clover: { Is this, too... the history that people chose? }
    { FOOLISH PEOPLE...!! }

    Olvia: { I'm sorry, Robin...
    I wasn't even able to leave behind
    any words for you as your mother... }

    -- p. 17 --

    Robin: haa...

    Kuzan: ...
    Complete justice drives people mad over time...
    I have decided to allow you to leave this island...
    What, I wonder, will the "seed" that Saul protected grow into?...

    Robin: !?

    Kuzan: It's up to you, whom to bear a grudge against, but for now, be grateful that you just have your life...
    Henceforth... you should always live in anonymity.
    I have made lines of ice in the sea.
    If your ship simply continues straight, it will reach land.
    But remember this:
    I am not your ally... if you are guilty of anything...
    You will be the first "enemy" I come to capture.

    Robin: ...My mom's on the island...

    Kuzan: No one can be saved...

    Robin: !!

    Kuzan: If it is so painful you wish to die... you are free to do that, as well.

    -- p. 18 --

    Clover: { This is the world's greatest library.
    Do you like books? }

    Scholars: { Today is your birthday, Robin~~!!
    Congratulations, Robin!!!
    There's cake! Cake!! }

    Saul: { Be proud, Robin!!!
    Ohara's a fine island!!! }

    Olvia: { We can't just give up...
    the future you'll live in!!! }

    Saul: {You should laugh!! Laugh when it hurts!
    It hurts, but if you laugh it'll seem silly...
    Not like that!

    Robin: ...dereshi...

    -- p. 19 --

    Robin: Dereshi!!
    dereshi... *koff*...

    Saul: { In the sea, somewhere... I'm sure they'll be waiting for you.

    [Robin continues to wail.]

    -- END CHAPTER 397 --

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    Damn good story arch in this chapter

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    argh! I neeed scanlations! Can't read the translation while watching the pictures in the manga...

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    I LOVED this chapter.

    Poor Robin. T_T

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    Cool, a good end to the story.

    We're beginning to see the divide in the Marines even now and how deep and high it runs, which is going to become very important later.

    Maybe even sooner, actually, since Luffy and crew have already made active enemies of the World Government now.

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    They've pretty much been enemies of the World Government all the time, since they're pirates and all.

    But this was a nice ending for the flashback. I'm much more interested in next week's chapter though, I've been waiting for the flashback to wait for a while now.

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    i wonder if Matt has this yet!!! *didnt read it... wants pictures*

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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