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    Alritey then. I finally time to put the end to specation.
    In chapter 400, some of the match up are finally decided. Beware of Spoiler people and proceed with caution.

    Confrim Match #1: "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro VS Kaku "The Mountian Wind"
    Many of you guess right, because that fact is... this match should have been obvious. Of course there was some belief that Sanji or Usopp will match up with Kaku instead, but that was the fanboy/girl-ness talking. Zoro is the StrawHat first mate, and pretty much Luffy's Right Hand man in battle. It obvious that he will get the second strongest. This match got "BADASS" written all over it. Also, Kaku also for a "weird" Devil fruit up his sleeve.

    Confrim Match #2: Usopp aka. Sogeking VS Jyabura
    Wow, I have to admitted, I didn't see that coming. I willing to bet not alot of other people would have too. Usopp getting matched up with the 3rd strongest CP9. The most logical would have been Sanji. However, when you thing about Usopp's tactic carefully, and Jyabura's hotheaded nature, that match up is perfect. Usopp's indirect tactics will likely infuriate Jyabura, which would very likely cause Jyabura to make mistakes. I look forward to it.

    Confrim Match #3: "Love Cook" Sanji VS Karifa "the Dominmatrix"
    Sanji, one of the heavy hitters of the Strawhats getting match up with the weakest of the CP9, AND worst of all a WOMAN? Oh what will our Sanji do when face with one of the sexiest woman of OP. This too was a SHOCKER, but indeed will probaby make as one of the more interesting match. Please remeber that Sanji faced this problem before, with Bon Clay, however... this time, he facing an actual woman XD. Oh, and don't forget that Karifa is also ate unknown Devil Fruit and is the ultimate femenist. When you think about it... Sanji would have a harder time fighting agianst Karifa then any other CP9.

    Confrim Match #4: Nami with her "Perfect Clima Tact" VS "Seppuku-crazy" Kumadori
    Nothing great about this match, but at least Oda didn't go the route of the typical "Cat fight" here. However, I am interesting to know what the Perfect Clima Tact capable of.

    Confrim Match #5: "The Song-Singing-Fire-Breathing-Dismantler-and-Possible-New-StrawHat" Franky VS "Douriki Counting" Fukurou
    Franky get a fight along side with the rest of the StrawHat? Could this be a hint hint? Hmmmm....~

    Probable Match #1: "Strawhat" Monkey D. Luffy VS "The Strongest CP9" Rob Lucchi
    Aww come on people. This one should be freakin obvipus.

    Probable Match #2: "The Furry Doctor" Tony Tony Chopper VS Spandam and his Elephant Sword?!?!?!
    It not comfirm, but could it be possible that Tony Chopper will face the Director of the CP9 and his Devil Fruit Sword?

    Anyway, go ahead and discuss away. ~

    edit: actually go talk about this in the Lastest RAW tread. And let this topic die a horrible horrible death
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    Quote Originally Posted by aallx

    Logical Reasons:
    1.) Usopp has a grudge against Kaku for destroying going merry.
    2.) It will be a showcase of Kaku's new powers against Sogeking's new abilities.
    3.) They are both long-nosed.
    I guess the possibility of a Usopp versus Kaku still exists afterall
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